Independent Study


Glacial Geochronology in the Andes  - work on an ongoing study of the paleoclimatology along the spine of the Andes! Researchers from the USA, Canada, and Peru are mapping and dating the glacial moraines and other features within the Andes of Peru. Using cosmogenic 10Be to date moraine-crest boulders, we will reconstruct the paleoclimate history during the last ~30ka.  We will compare this new climate record with other regional glacial geochronologies in order to evaluate the most recent climate variations along the north-south trending spine of the Andes.

What you’d do: make GIS maps, begin sample preparation, begin writing initial reports, learn the basics of cosmogenic dating, complete landscape analyses using remote data - POSSIBLE FIELD COMPONENT

Active tectonics in the western Andean margin of Peru - contribute to an ongoing study of active faults in southern Peru. Collaborators from France, Peru, and the USA are mapping and dating offset geomorphic features and active faults. Using cosmogenic 10Be to date offset features and surfaces, we will limit the timing of activity and calculate slip rates on recently identified active faults in the hyperarid region of Peru.

What you’d do: synthesize newly processed data, make GIS maps, complete landscape analyses using remote data, help with report writing - POSSIBLE FIELD COMPONENT

Raised beaches of MDI - be a part of this new project begun by  “Geology of MDI” students, Tara Allen and Pablo Aguilera del Castillo! Locate and map some of the raised beaches abandoned due to glacial rebound on MDI. The new LiDAR-based imagery allows for a great GIS and field study.

What you’d do: Make GIS maps, Complete field surveys, use remote data to perform landscape analysis. - DEFINITE FIELD COMPONENT!

To Right: Pablo and Tara’s map of predicted beach locations!

Above: Field Site.

Geologic Mapping Great Duck Island  or Mt. Desert Rock - Currently we have no detailed geologic map of Mt. Desert Rock, Great Duck, or Little Duck Islands. With a COA research station on GDI and MDR, and many students working on projects on both islands, it’s time to map the bedrock and surficial geology. This work could be split into at least 4 different term-long projects!

What you’d do: Complete field surveys, Make GIS maps, use remote data to perform landscape analysis. - DEFINITE FIELD COMPONENT!