April-June 2015: Seminar on Climate Change Speaker Series at COA - click here to see the line up!

Feb 2014: Congrats to COA student Ian Medeiros - recent publication in Madrono on gabbro soils!

Dec 2014: COA student Natasha Krell presents her summer REU work at the annual fall AGU meeting!

June 2014: COA student Will Minogue begins a USGS internship focused on groundwater management in Florida.

June 2014: COA student Natasha Krell begins a summer REU in the Watershed Management and Ecohydrology research group at the University of Arizona!

April 2014: COA Students Tyler Prest, Miranda Galey, and Jane Strader prepared and presented a poster at the Acadia National Park Science Symposium: Assembling a

teaching collection at COA: outcrop, hand-sample, and thin-section analysis of rocks from Mt. Desert Island and Mt. Desert Rock

April 2014: Marc-Antoine Fortin finished his M.Sc. at McGill University and has been accepted into a Ph.D. program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute to work with Dr. E. Bruce Watson beginning Fall 2014!

April 2014: Kasparas Spokas completed his B.Sc. at McGill University and has been accepted into a Ph.D. program at Princeton University to work with Catherine Peters in the Environmental Engineering department where he will be studying environmental hazards associated with fracking beginning in Fall 2014!

March 2014: COA student Ian Medeiros is named a 2014 Barry Goldwater Scholar! Congrats, Ian!

January 2014: Geology TA and recent COA graduate, Jane Strader, has been accepted to the Tetons Science School to begin Fall 2014.

Oct 2013: COA Geology students attend the NEIGC conference at Baxter State Park! For phots, click here.

June 2013: Miranda Galey begins a summer REU at the Critical Zone Observatory in Arizona, part of the Biosphere 2 project.

June 2013: First trip to the Cordillera Blanca with COA Students as part of the South American Earth Science course: Emily Hollyday, Ben Moniz, and Zabet NeuCollins! Check out our photos here! We were joined by USF faculty member, Calla Schmidt!

April 2013: Keith Hodson accepted into a Ph.D. program to work with Juliet Crider at the University of Washington beginning Fall 2013.

December 2012:  Keith Hodson successfully completed his M.Sc. thesis at McGill University! Great Job!

December 2012: Grad students Keith Hodson (McGill) and Melanie Michalak (UCSC) presented their work in Peru at the Annual AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco.

August 2012: I’ve moved! I am now a Geology Professor at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine!

July 2012: Another successful field season in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru completed! This year’s field team consisted of Keith Hodson (MSc2, McGill), Tyler Doane (MSc1, McGill), Kasparas Spokas (U2, McGill), and Melanie Michalak (UCSC PhD Candidate). Check out some photos here.

June 2012: Current graduate student, Tyler Doane, was accepted at Vanderbilt University to continue research with Dr. David Furbish towards his PhD in Environmental Science.

April 2012: Current U3, Marc-Antoine Fortin was accepted to continue his work at McGill University as a graduate student in pursuit of an M.Sc. Marc will work with Don Baker starting in the Fall 2013.

April 2012: Recent EPS alum, Phil Greene (’11), was accepted to graduate school at the University of Toronto! He will continue his Earth Science studies in pursuit of a M.Sc.

March 2012: Undergraduate student Kasparas Spokas (U1) received an NSERC scholarship for summer support to work on his independent research project in the Cordillera Blanca!

Feb 2012: Undergraduate students Marc-Antoine Fortin (U3) and Kasparas Spokas (U1) received GEOTOP scholarships for independent research projects in the Cordillera Blanca!

Jan 2012: Undergraduate students Kasparas Spokas (U1) and Miriam Aczel (U2) joined our group! Both will be completing semester-long independent study projects.

Dec 2011: Keith Hodson, MSc2 student, presented his Cordillera Blanca erosion rates project at the Fall AGU Annual Meeting in San Francisco!

Oct 2011: McGill Tectonics students, Tyler Doane, Phil Greene, Keith Hodson, Ben Melosh, and Tim Sherry, attended and presented their projects at the Canadian Tectonics Group meeting in Charlevoix. Click here to see field trip photos!

Oct 2011: McGill BSc student, Marc-Antoine Fortin, presented his paleoclimate study of the Cordillera Blanca, Peru at the McGill Undergraduate Research Conference. Great job!

Sep 2011: New MSc1 student, Tyler Doane, joined our group! Tyler will be developing a project based in southern Quebec.

July 2011: Students Keith Hodson, Marc-Antoine Fortin, and Phil Greene completed a three-week field season in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru. Check out our photos from the field season here!