My Office: Dorr Museum, 2nd floor


Directions to my office:

The front door of the Dorr Museum is locked when the museum is closed. If this is the case, use the back door entrance. If you come in the front door, turn right  and walk passed the “touch tank”, turn left passed the bathrooms, continue straight and to the right to the stairs. Head up the stairs and turn left at the top. My office is the first one on the left.

The back door is open during the day from ~8a.m.-5p.m. You will find that there are in fact 3 doors “in back”, but one that is labeled “Entrance for classroom and offices” - this is the one you want! Come in and head up the stairs. Turn left and my office is the first one on the left.

Come by and say hello! Please feel free to visit me in my office on the second floor of the Dorr Natural History Museum. If you want to make sure I’ll be here when you stop by, send me a quick email and suggest a meeting time:

Front Door

Back Door

Dorr Museum