Keith Hodson,

M.Sc., McGill University

Previous Students:

Current Students:

Keith completed a project in the Cordillera Blanca of the central Peruvian Andes. This region hosts tropical glaciers and a major fault, the Cordillera Blanca Detachment Fault (CBDF). Keith contributed to a growing body of cosmogenic basin-averaged erosion rates and exhumation rates based on (U-Th)/He  thermochronology along the strike of the range to gain an understanding of the spatial and temporal patterns of exhumation in this range.

Kasparas Spokas, McGill University Undergraduate (U2)

Kasparas is initiating a thermobarometric study of the Cordillera Blanca Batholith. This is part of the larger tectonic study of the region.

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Dante Huff

B.Sc., McGill University

Dante completed a one-semester undergraduate independent study during 2010. She looked at stream profiles to calculate the steepness index and map knickpoints within a growing anticline in southern Peru. 

Mathieu Doucette B.Sc., McGill University

Marc-Antoine Fortin, B.Sc., McGill University

Marc-Antoine completed a year-long research project, part of an ongoing international effort in the Andes, to constrain glacial chronologies. He focused on the Cordillera Blanca region of northern Peru where he mapped and dated Late Glacial and Holocene moraines. Marc is now a masters student at McGill University.

Philip Greene,

B.Sc., McGill University

Philip completed a one-year project focused on the forearc of southern Peru where he contributed to mapping and dating abandoned low-relief surfaces in order to evaluate recent tectonic and climatic processes in this region. Phil also completed a detailed remote sensing analysis of the region. Phil is now a graduate student at the University of Toronto.

Matt completed a one-semester undergraduate independent study during 2010. Using remote data, Matt mapped linear features in the vicinity of the Quebrada Sicera of southern Peru. Based on the presence of and offset of terraces he identified potentially active faults at the foot of the Western Cordillera. Currently Matt is working as a “Junior Geologist” at ArcelorMittal Mines Canada.

Tyler Doane, previous McGill University graduate student

Tyler worked on developing a Quebec-based using geomorphic indices based on remote sensing data. Tyler is now a graduate student at Vanderbilt University.

Hypsometric Integrals (red higher) along the St. Lawrence.

Shallow seismicity along the St. Lawrence.

Miriam Aczel,

McGill University Undergraduate (U3)

Miriam also contributed to the landscape development story in the Cordillera Blanca. She is looked at how the drainage networks change along the strike of the range within the foothill region. She is currently working on her last year at McGill University.