Ideas for Student projects

Below are ideas for possible poster projects. You can try other ideas also, although you should check with your instructor to ensure you have an appropriate selection...

Genetically engineered food (Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt))

Tunneling microscopy

Use of radioisotopes in research and medicine

Olean (synthetic fat)

Hormone mimics:

developmental abnormalities in frogs


reproduction: birth control, pollutants


control of insect pests

Endorphines, opiates, and neurotransmitters

chemical structure of biomaterials

spider silk, chitin, wood, collagen, keratin

effects of cold/winter climate


freeze tolerance in animals and plants



Miller-Urey experiment

mitochondrial DNA and evolutionary trees

endosymbiotic theory of the evolution of eukaryotic cells

bio of a Nobel Laureate: Watson, Crick, McClintock

C3 and C4 plants

vitamin A and vision

Molecular basis for a human disease (eg. Cystic fibrosis)

molecular basis of color change in fall foliage

drug therapy (eg. Cholesterol reducers, cancer fighting)

genetic disorders (eg. Hemophilia, Huntington's chorea, Down's syndrome)


environmental effects on gene expression (many individual cases)

genetic mapping

Human Genome Project

genetic counseling

viruses and reverse transcriptase

polytene chromosomes

molecular/cellular basis of cancer

many topics in Chapters 17 and 18

Genetic forensics


saturated and unsaturated fats

metabolic poisons

X-ray crystalography


fermentation by bacteria and yeast

soil microorganisms and soil ecology

diet and cholesterol

ancient fossils

extra-terrestrial life

flagella: two ways to propel

transgenic organisms


homeobox genes and development

gene therapy

search for life on other planets