Fisheries and their Management:

Class Assignments


Term Paper 1: Case History


This 6-10 page paper will be the foundation of a 25 minute presentation (+ 5 mins questions) in class that reviews the history of a fished species. You may choose to examine a species as a whole, or a specific stock, or perhaps a number of species together that are either fished simultaneously from the same ecosystem, or even examine the diversity of fishing within an entire fishing nation.


Your report should include the following:

1) A brief natural history of the species of concern, including any unusual or specific life history traits important to the fishery. Seasonal and annual distributions, migration patterns, population estimates would be important also.

2) A brief history of the fishery from its startup to present day. This history may include aspects of sociology, fishing method, economic/nutritional importance, impact of technology, cultural relevance, fate of product, etc..

3) A quantitative examination of the fishery. Historical examinations of effort, size of fleet, catch, landings, CPUE, incidental bycatch, with reference to changes in technology or fishing methods. Current status of fishery.

4) Impact of the fishery upon local stocks and habitat. Management methods used to control the fishery, if any. Evaluation of methods (did they/are they working). Brief overview of management body, description of assessment/model methods used in management (if possible, see if you can interview some of the managers involved...). Overview of any third party interests/lobby groups (is there a issue that has brought in Conservationists? Are their conflicts within/outside the fishery stakeholders?)

5) Future of the fishery, both in terms of economic viability, markets, and stock resilience. Predictions? (both your own, and any that have been documented).