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Marine Mammal Biology 1

Examination Topics for Marine Mammal Biology 1


The following topics are suggested research areas for your final exam. Investigate and prepare answers (2-3 pages each) for two of the below topics, and come prepared to write on your areas of research in class on Friday, week 10. You will have 90 minutes to complete your answers in class (if you have a learning disability, or other special consideration that requires extra time or special exam-writing conditions, see me before Week 10). Remember to write neatly (I need to be able to decipher your answer) when you write out your answer in class. Note that some of the topics are fairly broad and leave some room for interpretation; the final answer is up to you!


IMPORTANT NOTE: I am asking students that have final project presentations with similar themes to some of the below items to refrain from answering those specific topics. If there is any doubt as to which topics you feel you are allowed to work with, given the selection of your final project, please email or talk to me as soon as possible, and I will make a ruling for you.