Chemical Oceanography:

Constituents, gases and hydrology

The oceans are a vast reservoir of chemical constituents that are vital for resource cycling and for life on this planet.

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Table of Contents

Title slide

The water molecule is unique in structure and properties.

Water and ocean structure

The Water Molecule

Physical properties of water

Water And Heat

Water Temperature And Density

Temperature, Salinity, and Water Density

Sea water consists of water with various materials dissolved within it.

Graphic of ionic dissolution

99% of all the salt ions in the sea are...

Nutrients are chemicals essential for life.

In order of decreasing abundance the major gases in the sea are...

Salinity is the total mass, expressed in grams, of all substances dissolved in one kilogram of sea water

Salinity in the ocean is in a steady-state condition


Cycling of constituents

Addition of salt modifies the properties of water.

Effects of salinity on physical properties

The solubility and saturation value for gases in sea water

Gas solubility

Oxygen tends to be abundant in the surface layer and deep layer bottom

Oxygen profiles

Carbon dioxide is of major importance in controlling acidity in the sea water.

The pH sclae

Gases in seawater

Distribution of carbon species in water

Photosynthetic and respiration controls of CO2 abundance

The CO2 cycle/buffer system

Water samples must be collected in inert containers


Author: Sean Todd


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