Introduction to Oceanography, 2003

This page provides resources for students enrolled in Introduction to Oceanography, a broad based interdisciplinary review of marine sciences that includes the physical, chemical, geological and biological disciplines. A syllabus for the class can be found here. Students enrolled in the Spring 2004 class can check their class schedule. Photos of class activities, from this and previous years, can be found here. Class lab data, when available, will also be downloadable from this site. Problem Sets are also available.

Guidelines and regulations for the trip to Mount Desert Rock should be accessed and understood before landing on MDR.

Links to powerpoint files accompanying the class lectures can be found below, by lecture name. Each page contains a link to either download the .ppt file, or the file can be viewed directly using an .html viewer.

Historical Oceanography: a history of exploration

Dynamic Oceanography 4: Tides

Geological Oceanography 1: Earth structure and Tectonics

Physical Oceanography 2a: Coastlines A

Physical Oceanography 1: Physics of seawater

Physical Oceanography 2b: Coastline B

Chemical Oceanography: Constituents, Gases and Hydrology

Biological Oceanography 1: Adaptations to a Marine Lifestyle

Geological Oceanography 2: Sedimentology

Biological Oceanography 2: Productivity

Dynamic Oceanography 1: Currents

Biological Oceanography 3: Ocean habitats

Dynamic Oceanography 2: Geostrophic and thermohaline flow

Ocean Exploitation: Fisheries and other resources

Dynamic Oceanography 3: Waves

Other resources/Links