Title: Tutorial - An Introduction to Opera

Instructor: Sean Todd

How to find Sean:

Office, 3rd floor Turrets Annex


Phone: ext. 265

Email: stodd@ecology.coa.edu

course website: http://www.coa.edu/faculty/webpages/stodd/oceanweb/opera/index.htm

First run: Fall 2001

Meets: Weds, 9.30-11.30, Sean's office


Course Description

In this class we review the development of opera as a performance art form, beginning with its origins as an early baroque form, moving through classical and romantic opera, including opera seria, opera buffa and opera comique, and finishing with a consideration of 20th century opera, and crossover works. Audio, video, and possibly live performances of complete works will be examined. This class will require extensive listening time. Our critique of opera will include a musicological, historical, literary and contextual base. Evaluation is based upon participation in class discussions and assignments. Written critiques will be required as part of the student's assessment. No lab fee.


Course text

Opera 101: A complete guide to learning and loving opera, by Fred Plotkin, published by Hyperion Press. $11.96 from Amazon.Com




Class participation


1 page critique for each of 10 selected pieces examined


Due by end of term: A comparative essay that examines contrasting operas within or between genres, using musicological and socio-historical contexts.