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Statistics topics:

 Research Design topics

There is no site for the course textbook.

However, other Stats book authors have developed comprehensive sites that cover similar material.Check out:

McClave and Sincich Statistics

McClave, Benson and Sincich's Statistics for Business and Economics

McClave, Benson and Sincich's A first Course in Business Statistics

These topics use the McClave and Sincich Statistics. Note: powerpoint presenttaions are available for all of these chapters (see sidebar to the left of each homepage)

Measuring Central tendency and dispersion


Sampling distributions

Confidence intervals

Single sample inferences

Two sample hypothesis testing

Correlation/Linear Regression

Analysis of Variance

These topics use Mitchell and Jolley's Research Design Explained, an excellent, psychology- oriented research design text. I've pulled out a few chapters to get you started, but feel to explore the site - there's some excellent links here.

Psychology and Science

Generating the hypothesis

Measuring and manipulating variables

The experiment

The quasi-experiment and case study


Critiquing research

Writing research reports

Places to go to find data...

US Census Bureau

US Department of Education

US Federal Statistics Dept.

US Social Security Administration

Student Choices for Web data

Statistics in the news...

Statistical Assessment Service