Student Life

College of the Atlantic is unique for many reasons: the people, the place, the ideas, the opportunities. Student Life is about your COA experience outside of class. We want you to meet exciting people, try something different, discover something about yourself, and see the world from a new perspective; put simply we want you to learn. And at COA learning happens all the time: both in classes and in so many other ways.

• Conversations with faculty over coffee in TAB

• Playing soccer on the front lawn with peers

• Leading a hike in Acadia National Park on a weekly Splash outing

• Performing at an open mic in Turrets Great Hall

• Cooking together with your RA at a house Community Dinner

• Philosophizing late into the night with friends from around the world

• Shooting a game of pool or practicing yoga to relax after a big presentation

• Swimming to Bar Island as part of one of COA's longest traditions

• Moderating a heated community dialog at All College Meeting

• Engaging in activism to change a campus policy or to influence international negotiations

We believe that learning is embedded in the relationships that you form and develop whether with classmates and faculty members or with your experience of the natural world. Our community is small enough that you can know everyone and be known, yet diverse enough that there is always something new to discover. Our goal in Student Life is to provide opportunities for you to challenge yourself to explore the tough questions while creating an environment that offers the support you need to achieve your goals and be a healthy, satisfied, and productive community member.

COA — Life Changing.

"COA has been life changing for me because it has shown me the importance of and potential for positive change that can come out of engaging a diverse range of stakeholders in trying to solve problems. "

Noah Hodgetts | Class of 2010

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