Get ready to find your academic path in the great outdoors! College of the Atlantic focuses on human ecology—the relationship between humans and our environments. Each Summer Field Institute (SFI) program explores this central theme. For instance, you may spend the morning discussing a novel about life on a remote island, and spend the afternoon exploring the shore of that same island, spotting whales and identifying seabirds and their nesting grounds.

This summer SFI is excited to offer two field-based programs designed to provide you with opportunities to reflect on your place in the world and develop skills you will use in college and beyond.

  1. The Wonder of Acadia: June 12–24, 2016
  2. Islands Through Time: July 24–August 5, 2016

Our classrooms will include rocky island shores and the woods and waters of Maine and Acadia National Park. Students will explore the connections between science, art, and the humanities while they engage in an intensive program combining academic work with field experiences.

Our programs are designed for rising juniors and seniors who:

  • Are curious about the world and ready to engage
  • Have strong academic backgrounds and are excited about learning
  • Want to be challenged
  • Think outside of the box
  • Value learning both inside and outside the classroom
  • Want to change the world and help create a more sustainable future