June 26 – June 30
5-Day Session: $250 Local / $300 Non-Local

Find inspiration in the beauty of the natural world. Create sculptures from found objects, mold clay that we find along streambeds, dye fabric with plant pigments, and weave from nature’s fibers. Press seaweed, draw nature illustrations, and create outdoor, group installation art. The week is complete with swimming, hiking and games as well!

(The Art of) Poking Around

July 3 – July 14 [*There will be no SFS on the 4th of July]
2-Week Session: $400 Local / $450 Non-Local

Turn over rocks at the edge of a stream, lift boards to look for snakes or salamanders or the nests of silky deer mice, kneel close to the edge of a tidepool, and master the art of “poking around.” Crawl into forgotten sea caves, tromp around towering pines and hemlocks, and cool off in wooded swimming holes. Go on leisurely walks around the park and other beautiful places on MDI to see what treasures await.

High Tide, Low Tide

July 17 – July 20
4-day Session: $200 Local / $250 Non-Local

Search the tide pools for urchins and crabs, dig in the mud to find clams, taste salty seaweed, observe seabirds, and study marine mammals as you explore the ocean environment from the deep sea, to the shoreline intertidal. Follow the tides, explore estuarine ecology, talk to local biologists, make saltwater art, and play games too!

Forage, Farm & Feast

July 24 – August 3
2-Week Session: $400 Local / $450 Non-Local

Get ready for a culinary adventure as we forage for ingredients, spend time at local farms, and chef up a feast from our findings. Gather berries from mountain summits, fresh herbs from the fields, fish from the lakes, shellfish from the intertidal, and vegetables & cheese from local farms to try new recipes and old favorites! Enjoy the merriment of gathering around a shared table and dig in!  Plenty of hiking, art-making, and games to digest!

Source To Sea

August 7 – August 11
5-Day Session: $250 Local / $300 Non-Local

Put on your boots and get ready for an adventure! This session will trace a variety of bodies of water on Mount Desert Island from their source, to where they meet the sea. Along the way we will sample water quality, collect macro invertebrates, make maps, and search for hidden treasure. Bring your bathing suit, as we hope to find secret swimming holes along the way!

Salt Marsh Wonders

August 14 – August 17
4-day Session: $200 Local / $250 Non-Local

There is nothing quite like being in a salt marsh. Join us for a week of squishing your way around pickle weed and mummichogs to find the secrets of these places that divide the mud flats from the spruce-y shore.  Paddle through winding channels and into hidden coves, go clamming, and learn about the teeming life that inhabits these fragile estuarine places.