Third and Fourth Grade

Nature’s Stage

Cue a week of fun as we learn about the songs and dances that are performed in the natural world. Take your seats as we listen to choruses of bird song, the chirping of crickets, and the cry of a loon across a lake; then take center stage as we mimic the intricate dances of bees, woodcocks, and grouse! Watch the spectacle and scenery unfold as we explore MDI with the sea as our backdrop. Make puppets, act in a play, hoot like an owl, howl like a coyote, and round out the week with games, swimming, and crafts!

June 23 – June 27
5-Day Session: $240 Local / $275 Non-Local

Aquatic Odyssey

Splash around the aquatic ecosystems of MDI while learning about the plants and animals that make their home there. Hunt for crabs and sea urchins in the tide pools, learn to identify and press sea weed, and discover hidden beaches and coves on MDI’s coastline. Follow the gurgling current of streams and float on the still surface of a pond. Enjoy fun games, scavenger hunts, and crafts too!

June 30 – July 11 [* We will not meet on the 4th of July.]
2-Week Session: $400 Local / $430 Non-Local

Edible Acadia

Explore local and wild foods on MDI by harvesting wild edibles, sampling vegetables from the SFS garden, and meeting local fishermen. Explore the delicate desires of your palate by preparing and trying a variety of delicious treats. Learn about the natural history of the nourishing foods nature provides while finding out about how your body uses food so you can have fun. Swimming, hiking and games will round out the week.

July 14 – July 17
4-Day Session: $200 Local / $235 Non-Local

Island Exploration

Skip the bus stop and wander the island’s hiking trails through forests, bogs, fields, peaks and valleys. Explore the ponds, lakes, and shorelines that make Mount Desert Island such a beautiful place and learn about the plants and animals that live here. Eat lunch overlooking the bay from a granite mountaintop. Crawl into forgotten sea caves, tromp around towering pines and hemlocks, and cool off in wooded swimming holes. Even if you are from MDI you will find plenty of new places to explore.

July 21 – July 31
2-Week Session: $400 Local / $430 Non-Local

Made In Maine

Follow in the footsteps of centuries of Maine craftspeople by gathering natural materials to make everything from the edible to the artistic. Build with birch bark, split granite, gather plants to create natural dyes, and make paper from recycled pulp. Learn about Wabanaki boats and baskets as well as our region's modern day industries. Meet and work alongside artists, farmers, and fisherpeople and see that so much is still, made in Maine.

August 4 – August 8
5-Day Session: $240 Local / $275 Non-Local

Bright Barnyard

To the farm we go!  Spend your days in the barnyard with the colorful parade of chickens, cows, ducks, pigs, geese and guinea hens. Get your hands dirty in the ground, harvest seasonal veggies, and prepare farm-fresh lunches, while getting a glimpse of our local food system through fun days spent at Beech Hill and other island farms. Watch closely as an egg hatches into a soft, little chick. Learn about the natural history of many edible crops, play games, make crafts with feathers, enjoy a refreshing swim, and plant a seed of wonder this summer exploring the bright barnyard.

August 11 – August 14
4-Day Session: $200 Local / $235 Non-Local


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