Ethical research resource list

What are some useful resources for learning about ethics in general and ethical research in human ecology in particular?

Web based resources for understanding traditional ethical concerns and approaches from within individual disciplines and professional societies are listed below. It is important to note however, that compared with traditional theoretical research in a specific discipline, the ethical challenges for doing research in Human Ecology, are compounded. Why? Because the work involves multiple disciplines and multiple stakeholders. It typically calls not only for the judicious application of the ethical standards formulated by a single discipline but for the creative resolution of conflicts between different ethical standards and concerns related to different disciplines, problems, and communities.

The American Anthropological Association ethics statement and blog:

University of Maine Ethics Training and Human Subjects site:

Society of Professional Journalists Ethics Statement:

The COA ERRB is, in part, modeled on Carleton College’s Institutional Review Board and Marlboro College’s Institutional Research Review Board. They have great resources:

In particular, note Carleton College’s link for preparing a consent form:

Useful texts for practicing conflict resolution in general include the classic GETTING TO YES by Roger Fisher et. al. and the materials provided on line at


Booth et al., The Craft of Research. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2008. (Excellent for general research design)

Boelfstorff et al. Ethnography in Virtual Words: A Handbook of Method. Princeton University Press, 2012.  (Excellent section on ethics)