The EcoLeague

The EcoLeague is a consortium of six colleges across the US that share similar commitments to sustainability. COA students can spend up to a year at one of the other colleges in the EcoLeague: Alaska Pacific University ,  Dickinson College , New College of FloridaNorthland College , or Prescott College . This allows students to study in a different ecological region than Maine and to take classes in areas not offered by COA.

Other exchanges

COA also has agreements for student exchanges with other institutions including:

Local partners

Here on Mount Desert Island, relationships with the Jackson Laboratory  and MDI Biological Laboratory give students access to bio-medical and genetics research. There are typically a handful of students doing research internships and senior projects at these labs in any given term. An internship program with MDI Hospital allows students interested in medicine-related professions to experience first-hand how a hospital is run.