We invite you to visit our campus in the summer to get to know COA first-hand and to help us find our next incoming class of world-changing human ecologists!

For three days you’ll enjoy complimentary meals in our award-winning dining hall and lodging in our newest (and greenest) residence halls. For a few hours each day, you and the other visiting counselors can tour COA facilities and learn about our unique approach to education and community: human ecology. You’ll also have time to relax and explore Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, and the surrounding area. 


  • Campus tour
  • Meet COA staff, faculty, students, and alumnx
  • Learn more about human ecology, COA’s academic program, financial aid, and admissions
  • Additional excursions may include a marine ecology exploration, or a tour of COA’s organic farms


Program dates: July 2025

Program cost: $50 program fee and counselors responsible for travel to/from Bar Harbor. Additional costs for family members (if space allows). 

Tentative itinerary   

What the counselors say…

“Having visited many wonderful college campuses, I must say I was most impressed by the uniqueness of yours. Your gorgeous campus, interdisciplinary curriculum, and passionate faculty make your school stand out in my mind.”

“Every time I thought it couldn’t get better, it would! The Getaway covered all the important elements of the college: community, focus on compassion, and concern for the world and environment.”

“I enjoyed getting to know COA in a very special way, experiencing the personality of the place and meeting great people.  The reception, the trip to the sandbar to find critters, the wonderfully tasty and healthy food in the dining hall, the lovely campus tour, the working farms, the beautiful architecture, and warm atmosphere were all great.”