We are very sorry to learn of the closing of Green Mountain College, our EcoLeague partner school and a longtime leader in environmental liberal arts education and sustainability. Through our transfer and teach-out agreement with GMC, our aim is to make the transfer process as smooth as possible, and allow students to finish their undergraduate studies at COA with a BA in human ecology. 

COA for GMC students: 
  • COA will accept transfer applications for fall 2019 from currently enrolled Green Mountain College undergraduate students at any point in their studies. All credits will be accepted toward a COA degree, though COA cannot award credit for physical education classes. 
  • GMC students transferring to COA with more than two years of credit will have certain degree requirements waived, and can petition to waive others. 
  • COA offers one undergraduate degree, a BA in human ecology, within which students may self-design a program to meet their goals and interests. Browse our areas of study, course offerings, and the schedule of upcoming classes on the registrar’s page to get a sense of whether COA could be the right place for you to finish your degree. 
  • Learn more about our expeditionary learning fund, which provides resources for students to take their learning off-campus. GMC students are eligible for a fund balance of $1000-$1800, depending on how many credits you will complete at COA.
  • Contact COA’s transfer counselor, Ezra Hallett, with your questions, or call our office at 800-528-0025. 
How to apply: 
  • GMC students may apply to COA using either the COA application, or the Common App
  • We will provide an application fee waiver for all GMC applicants. On the COA application, simply check the box to indicate that you are a GMC transfer applicant and you’ll receive instructions for accessing your fee waiver. 
  • GMC students are not required to submit teacher recommendation letters. 
  • COA’s fall 2019 transfer application deadline is March 15. This is the priority deadline for GMC transfer students to apply, but we will continue to accept transfer applications from GMC students on a rolling basis after March 15, pending space availability. 
  • GMC students who are certain COA is their top choice for a transfer college may choose to apply to COA via Early Decision. Select the ED-GMC option on the COA application or email us to request an Early Decision agreement. Early Decision GMC applicants must apply by March 15, will receive a decision by April 1, and must submit their deposit by April 15. Early Decision is binding; this means if admitted you commit to attending COA and will withdraw other transfer applications. 
  • In place of the standard transfer student essay question, we ask Green Mountain students to describe why you believe COA will be a good place for you to finish your degree.
  • Read more about applying to COA