Home-schooled applicants sometimes ask about the best way to present their last four years of learning experiences. In your transcript, we ask that you be thorough in outlining:

Finding a cozy spot to study on a picture-perfect fall day.Finding a cozy spot to study on a picture-perfect fall day.

  • topics covered
  • books read
  • homework completed
  • the evaluation process used in assessing work
  • progress made over the year

We expect you to have studied a broad range of topics as a home schooler: math, science, and foreign language should accompany the study of literature, humanities, and history. For context, most students entering COA have at least two years of history and foreign language, three years of math and science, and four years of English.

We review applicants as potential students, as well as potential community members. We look forward to reading about your intellectual, social, and extracurricular pursuits! 

Home-schooled students


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