Allied Whale, College of the Atlantic's marine mammal research group, was founded in 1972 to conduct research for the effective conservation of marine mammal populations and their habitats, and to train students to enter careers related to those goals. While our research is primarily based in the Gulf of Maine, our efforts extend north to Canada and across the North Atlantic to the British Isles south to the Cape Verde Islands as well as all the way down to South America and Antarctica.

humpbackAllied Whale is committed to the understanding and preservation of marine mammals. We respond to marine mammal strandings from Rockland, Maine to the Canadian border, curate the humpback and fin whale catalogues for the North Atlantic as well as the Antarctic humpback whale catalogue, and operate the most remote field research station on the eastern seaboard of the United States: Mount Desert Rock.

We are a non-profit organization that raises research funds through grant writing and donations, as well as offering Allied Whale merchandise and adopt-a-whale certificates.

Marine Mammal Strandings

Allied Whale is authorized by NOAA Fisheries to respond to marine mammal emergencies and strandings, covering the area from Rockland, Maine north to the Canadian border. NOAA Fisheries is responsible for the management and protection of all marine mammals found along the nation's coasts and delegates these responsibilities, which include responding to marine mammal emergencies and strandings, to a network of marine mammal organizations nationwide. As an active member of the Northeast Regional Stranding Network and the Maine Strandings Collaborative, Allied Whale is obligated to aid any stranded marine mammal as quickly and efficiently as possible, while protecting the public from any potential dangers.Learn more...

If you see a marine mammal stranded, please contact us right away.
Office: 207-288-5644
Cell: 207-266-1326

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