Alumni Profiles

Greg Stone '82

Senior Vice President and Chief Ocean Scientist at Conservation International

Greg StoneWhere did you grow up?
Boston, Massachusetts

Where do you live now?
I live in Boston, Massachusetts but will soon move to New Zealand.

What was your senior project?
I wrote a report on the Gulf of Maine Whale Sighting Network for the Years 1978-81.

Did you go to graduate school?
Yes, I have a PhD in Marine Science from University of the South Pacific and an MMA, Marine Policy, University of Rhode Island.

What's your current job?
I am the Senior Vice President and Chief Ocean Scientist at Conservation International.

What do you want to make sure people know about your time at COA?
COA was my gateway to the world of marine biology and conservation. The emphasis on field work at COA was like tonic to my spirit. That combined with the close relationship between students and faculty in a small class setting was perfect. I started studying the Gulf of Maine at COA, but my work now takes me throughout the world. I will always remember diving in Frenchman Bay during my early years at COA. The environmental ethic of COA was also a major lasting influence in my life, and marine conservation is now the major focus of my work.

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