Blum Gallery exhibit policies:

  • The maximum length of time a student may exhibit in the Blum Gallery is five days.
  • Artist is responsible for installation and de-installation of the exhibit. This includes spackling & sanding your wall space, or making any repairs necessary caused by the installation of your exhibition.
  • If you need assistance with installation, please let us know at least one week in advance.
  • In case you want to change the position of the gallery partition walls, you need to request this to B&G at least two weeks in advance.
  • The exhibit proposal must be approved by the gallery directors.
  • Gallery directors reserve the right to require specific (de)installation dates.
  • The label and text files must be approved by your project director and/or the Writing Center.
  • All publicity is the responsibility of the artist. 
  • Students may be asked to share the Gallery with another for the week of their exhibition. Please contact us if your project requires a solo exhibition and provide your reasoning.

Saturdays are reserved for deinstallation, and Sundays are reserved for installation of the subsequent exhibition. Recommended exhibition periods are Monday–Friday. Please consider these dates when submitting your request.

Work/study students activating the space. Work/study students activating the space.The Blum Gallery can offer basic carpentry tools for the installation of artwork including screwdrivers, drill, hammers, and levels. Other specialized hanging hardware will need to be provided by the exhibitor.

We have a small selection of the following items that we can offer to help with installation: push pins (transparent), T-pins, Frames, Shelves, Glass surfaces, extra lights, pin needles, hangers, computers, and pedestals.