Highlights of the center’s  programs and activities include:
  • Watershed Initiative, promoting the integration of ecological, social and economic values through a watershed approach to regional planning and community outreach
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) Lab
  • Collaborative Planning and Decision Making
  • Inter-Institutional Projects: The college has conducted a variety of joint projects with several of the leading Architecture, Planning and Watershed Programs in the US
  • Resource library of software, computer resource inventories, and material on environmental, social, and economic issues in Maine. The Center also provides space for meetings, conferences and classes.
CAHE’s mission is to serve students and community by:
  • Teaching a wide range of skills necessary to integrate scientific, aesthetic and social values into complex decision-making on public issues.
  • Building upon a solid foundation of courses from traditional disciplines, integrate the knowledge from these courses with practical skills, and apply this integrated knowledge to actual problems in multi-disciplinary courses and independent projects.
  • Providing learning opportunities through working partnerships with local leaders and organizations on actual problems in local and international communities.