Interns are required to submit a written account of their Internship. To receive academic credit or complete a non-credit Internship, the student must submit a full report of the experience 20 calendar days into the following term of enrollment after the Internship. Revisions are accepted following the first submission, but an approved report must be on file by the end of the term following the Internship.

The internship report must include proposal information and is a separate document with different readers. The report to the Internship Committee is required regardless of other publication or written work that comes out of the experience. Journals, published works, photographs, or recordings may be submitted in addition to the Internship report, and often act as important supplementary material, but these do not replace the report itself.

Because completing the Internship requirement rests upon the content of the Internship report, students should stress what they learned through the experience that they had not known before. The report should be written objectively with specific examples of new concepts or ideas. The report should offer observations on how the real world works. Meeting the Internship requirement is based on the report and how the experience broadens the student’s perspective beyond the day to day work tasks. The report should demonstrate to the reader that something new and interesting was learned or gained through specific examples. The student should expect requests for revisions from the committee. Examples of Internship reports are available in the Internship Office, and the Internship Report Guidelines can be found here.

A report on an eight week or eleven-week experience that consists of less than five typed pages may be superficial, but one very much longer may need tightening up. The report becomes part of the student’s permanent file in the Internship Office so attention must be paid to organization, grammar, spelling, and typing. Students who have not had their writing portfolio approved are required to have a signature from the Writing Center verifying that the report has been reviewed and edited prior to its submission to the Internship Director for review by the committee.

  • Submit materials described in the Internship proposal — journals, photographs, work plans.
  • Expect requests for revision on the first draft of the report from committee members.  

When the committee has approved your Internship experience, the Internship Director submits a written evaluation to the student’s academic transcript. The evaluation becomes part of the COA transcript and will be sent with course evaluations every time a request is made. All student internship documentation (internship proposal, resume, letter of commitment from sponsor, internship report, and sponsor’s evaluation) remains in the Internship Office.


COA Internship Report Guidelines