You are graduating into an unprecedented time for the world. A world that you will help to shape, a world that you will change with your ideas and actions. Keep being learners and teachers. Reach for that which is just beyond your grasp. You will continue to surprise yourself with what you are capable of! Wishing you the greatest things in life! Congratulations Class of 2020!!

Amanda Mogridge

I appreciate so much the work you have all put into your time at COA, especially during cold winters, long travel times, and the contemplation you’ve all put into your studies, now go out and act in the ways you do best, by being yourself and trusting you’ll find your path in the world. Even if that means staying home over the summer, as I’m sure none were expecting, the work you do for your families and communities will be valued highly. Thank you for reminding us that we are all connected, and continuing to spread the message of human ecology to the world, which is so desperately needed at this time. One Love!

Anders Rodin

Although we may not be able to celebrate your graduation right now, many of us have seen you learn and grow these past four years (some less), from your OOPs trips to your Senior Projects. So proud to know so many of you and call you my friends. Congratulations on graduating, I know you will continue to do wonderful things in the future.

Anita van Dam

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” ~President Barack Obama

Caitlin Meredith

These are interesting times but you are armed with the expansive minds and deep compassion to bring more good to the world. Go forth!

Cynthia Baker

With great Hope and admiration I congratulate you all on your achievement of graduation and welcome you to our growing community of Alums. May the ‘Light’ you have found here guide and grow your aspirations, and foster a better interacting whole.

Dan DenDanto

Class of 2020 - You have the great opportunity of carrying service in human ecology into a world which has been called to task by Mother Nature as “progress” has slowed. This gives us all an opportunity for renewal - in body, spirit, and soul - a renewal which we all need. Graduation is a time of change, and you have changes galore offered to you. Don’t despair, simply compare. Compare what has been before and what is now. The world will not return to a previous “normal” and there will become a “newer normal.” Embrace it. The employment opportunities for you may not yet be available; they will likely be yours to create. You have a very good foundation with your years at COA. Consider that you have nurtured some very good seeds. Seek out good soil, plant your seeds, nurture the place(s) you settle, and grow the lives you deserve. Take care, and if you are ever in the southern Appalachians, look me up in Abingdon, Virginia.

David Winship

Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors! Congratulations on all your hard work and great achievements!

Julianne Taylor

Keep pushing your voice to every corner of the room and every corner of the globe. I can’t wait to hear it.

Kendra Rand

Your domains, kingdoms, and phyla await! Go forth and show the wide and wild world everything that you’ve learned, everything that you are, and everything that you’ll become.

Kyle Shank

Congratulations on all of your accomplishments! Be bold!

Laura McGiffert Slover

I am in awe of you all. Congratulations! I wish you all the best!

Linda Black

Congratulations class of 2020! You are bringing so much love and hope along with your clear thinking about world improvement. Be patient and persistent and stay well!

Linda Fuller

Yay for you!

Lynn Boulger

Congratulations! What you have done is so impressive and so important. I’m sure there has been sweat and tears and maybe even blood. You’ve succeeded in an era that is completely unprecedented. We are so proud of you. I wanted to remind you that your life will probably take some unexpected turns moving forward. And that maybe you might not even be using your degree in the way you expected. But keep your mind and your heart open and you’ll find that human ecology is applicable in so many areas and so many ways. Don’t compare yourself to what other graduates are doing or even what your classmates are doing. As long as you are working to put some good into the world and to find a place for yourself that you truly enjoy and find fulfillment in, you’re doing great. Might take a while. Might be frustrating. You might have no idea what you’re doing (I certainly don’t 7 years later). But you’ll get there and it’ll be so worth it. I expected to go into environmental policy, (what up, [earth]?) And instead I’m a career Bookseller managing an indie bookstore. And I am incredibly happy and finding so much upward movement and and career opportunities, from leading industry education to joining a jury for a well-known book award, to just being able to hand a kiddo the perfect book to make them feel seen. Keep yourself open to all the possibilities. Congrats again!

Mariana Calderon

Extremely proud of this class who lost their internship time, and then their graduate exercises! They accomplished graduation if only to be recognized by themselves and faculty friends and family❤️

Mary Lou Strandoo

All of you began your journey with college knowing this day would come. You most likely had a vision of how this right of passage would look. I have heard the details of past graduations at COA from my daughter as she was processing all these many changes.
Here is what I know, you are all amazing dedicated humans. This is your moment to mark/honor your hard work and dedication, and it falls in the middle of a world wide pandemic. This alone makes your graduation one of the most memorable. My wish for you is to know we are all humbled to witness you graduate. That you are destined to achieve amazing things post college life, and that each one is uniquely yours to do. Many Blessings to you all. Pam AveryWitham

Pam AveryWitham

Our wishes and congratulations to the most special COA class of 2020! In so many ways you exemplify what our world needs now more than ever; your unique talents, skills, educational experiences will be put to the test of paving the many ways forward for all of us. Go forth with confidence to help solve both the remaining and new challenges. We will help you in any way possible. COA’s good luck will be with you.

Phil and Meredith Moriarty

Dear Class of 2020 - 14 years ago I was in your shoes preparing to graduate from COA. I remember feeling both excitement and a great deal of anxiety at what was to come. Looking back now, I feel incredibly fortunate at the turns my life took since. Despite the uncertainties the world is experiencing now, I hope you bask in your great accomplishment, celebrate with your loved ones, and feel excited about your next steps. Believe me, you will have a heck of a ride. Congrats! :-)

Sal Hussein

My heart reaches out to you as you move beyond your undergraduate years and into an uncertain future. If anyone can make lemonade out of these lemons, it is you, our fellow human ecologists. Your experience here and your creative flexibility. combined with your curiosity, open hearts, and compassion will serve you well. Keep your sense of humor, expect nothing, and share joy. Come back to Bar Harbor and remember how much you are loved and respected. Yours may have been the hardest senior year COA has seen. Keep your eyes open. You will find fellow alumni in surprising places. You will always be welcome at my supper table.

Shlomit Auciello ’17

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