Gray Cox -- Faculty Homepage: Books, Music, Resume, Syllabi, Projects

Books: The Ways of Peace: A Philosophy of Peace as Action Paulist Press, 1986

[a critique of our conflict centered culture and a detailed outline of the practices being used to construct a culture of peace -- a Paulist Press book available here in pdf format]

The Will at the Crossroads: A Reconstruction of Kant's Moral Philosophy

[a systematic reading of Kant that finds a resolution of key dilemmas in Kant's account provided by viewing the realm of the moral as neither noumenal (transcendent) nor phenomenal (immanent) but something in between, a transcendental realm that is temporal but not spatial -- a University Press of America book available by email in a pdf format from]



Todos Somos Otros,

Streetlight and Colorado,

Live Concert

"Regime Change Begins at Home"


Curriculum vita: resume

Courses and Syllabi:



    Quaker Institute for the Future: seeking to carry on Friends' testimonies and experiments with Truth by promoting meetings for worship for the conduct of research on environmental stewardship, peace and social concerns

    COA Ethical Research Review Board: a website providing guidelines and support for people seeking to deal with ethical isues in research in human ecology

    Futurequilt: An internet project for young people envisioning peace:



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