Peggy Rockefeller Farm acts as both academic and recreational space, however it’s also a collection of working agricultural properties. Public visitors are welcome to explore the farm’s properties provided they follow the following visitor guidelines and public visitation hours.

Visitor hours
Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm
The farm is currently closed to visitors on federal holidays, overnight, and weekends. With the exception of weekend egg and meat sales in the garage.

Navigating the farm
Peggy Rockefeller Farm (PRF) sprawls across several properties along Norway Drive and Crooked Road in Bar Harbor. These properties included the site of our iconic yellow 1920s farmhouse at 538 Norway Drive, our main barnyard at the Cameron Farm property located at 532 Crooked Road and the Delaitre Barn Property located at 660 Norway Drive (this property features a private right of way to a residential home, do not use this gated  gravel private drive). Driving may be required to reach each location unless you walk or bike along the public road. PRF is an approximately 15-minute drive from COA’s main campus.

None of the farm roads or parking lots are paved. Visitors may walk through any of the farm properties provided they do not cut through private property to reach these spaces and things are left in the condition they are found. There is not currently any trail system or map for PRF although we hope to develop one in the future. There is a public access gate available to our garden and orchard area located opposite of the Stone Barns parking lot. The Stone Barns property is not owned by COA but it is open to the public and it offers a lovely route of well maintained hiking trails that offer good views of the farm and Northeast Creek. Guidelines and rules for visiting that property are posted on the signage located there. This entrance also allows access to the historic cemetery on the PRF property. Other public entry points to PRF can be found at the street addresses of the driveways listed prior.


Prohibited farm activities

  • Visitation outside designated hours and areas unless otherwise approved by the farm manager.
  • If our main barnyard gate is closed, the animal facilities are closed to visitors at that time.
  • Littering/dumping of any kind.
  • Tampering with equipment, fences, or facilities, including but not limited to climbing fences, altering electrical fencing units, handling equipment, and opening up closed barns/sheds.
  • Unleashed dogs. We love dogs but some have stronger prey drives than others. Please leash them to keep our animals safe and pick up all dog poop.
  • Smoking of any kind in barn areas.
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages on any farm property or in any barn structure or by anyone under the age of 21 during business hours. As a campus property, PRF follows COA’s policies on alcohol and tobacco.
  • Harassment of livestock and or employees including but not limited to unnecessary handling of animals and physical or verbal mistreatment of employees or visitors.
  • Entrance into animal enclosures or the feeding of livestock without manager supervision.
  • Unauthorized use of farm vehicles.
  • Consumption of farm produce not labeled as “pick your own” or “help yourself.”
  • Theft of farm property or goods. Forgetting to pay for farm products is a form of theft.

Comprehensive list of visitor guidelines & info

ewe and 2023 lamb

Parking at PRF

Visitors may come to the farm and park their vehicles and bikes provided they do not do so in such a way as to hinder daily farm activities. We ask that you park your vehicle in such a way as to not block barn doors, large pieces of equipment, gates or roadways from our employees. PRF is not responsible for the theft or damage of any bikes/gear left unattended here for prolonged periods of time. PRF employees may ask you to move your vehicle if it is poorly placed.

Public vs. private spaces

Some spaces on the farm are private. The yellow 1920s farmhouse at 538 Norway Drive belongs to College of the Atlantic but acts as the private living space for the farm manager and their family. The public is not permitted to enter the home, sit on its porches or lounge in the lawn spaces immediately surrounding the building. The garden spaces, outdoor furniture and fire pit located here are all for private use only.  Thank you for respecting our boundaries.

There is no public restroom at PRF.

Purchasing PRF products

Our farm products can be purchased seasonally via the following retail locations around MDI.

Those looking to purchase farm products in the off season, in bulk quantities or custom cut for personal use or wholesale accounts should reach out to April Nugent at or 207-610-0552.