From the time when COA advertised for the first four faculty openings—and over 1,800 people applied—until our most recent hires, we have meticulously searched for and chosen faculty who want to be here, who are committed first and foremost to teaching excellence, and who want to push students, colleagues, and themselves beyond their comfort zones.

ClassroomBy endowing six additional faculty positions, we will solidify our long-standing commitment to approaching the relationship between humans and their environments through the lenses of the arts, humanities, and sciences. In addition, endowed funds provide crucial support for faculty research, creative work, and professional development—truly excellent teaching and scholarship requires active engagement with colleagues and academic societies around the world. Finally, endowed funds improve our ability to offer competitive salaries and benefits and remain competitive—to attract exceptional individuals to our intellectual community.

We will work with donors to determine named opportunities for support. Endowed professorships could include—but are not limited to—Chemistry, Creative Writing, Teaching Excellence, Physics, Performing Arts, Design, Education Studies, Biology, Literature, and Philosophy.

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