We are proud of these accolades, but want our campus to set a new bar for sustainability. We aspire to be the first fossil fuel free campus in the world—where heating, electricity, and transportation are completely run on renewable energies. Our campus would become a model for how institutions of higher education should be powered.

The community has developed and adopted an energy framework that outlines the steps necessary to achieve this goal. Much of the work involves improving energy conservation: the better insulated a building is, the less energy it will take to heat and cool it. New roofs and triple-glazed windows will be installed, thus “renewing” the envelope of each building. In classes, students will learn how to position and install solar arrays for the most efficient energy capture. Each building will be outfitted with an energy monitor—dorms as well as offices, the library, the dining hall, and academic buildings.

COA, a leader in environmental teaching, will really “walk the talk” on sustainability and be a model for all of higher education to promote and adopt.