The 2021 Champlain Institute
Good Food and Food Fights

Monday, July 26-Friday, July 30, 2021

The Champlain Institute is a week-long ideas festival that hosts leaders from around the country and the world to share their expertise on pressing issues of our time. This year’s theme will be Good Food and Food Fights. During the week, we will explore all aspects of the topic—production, policy, climate change, food justice, hunger, organics, nutrition, and the joy of eating and cooking. We would be honored to have you attend, either virtually or in person (if COVID safety and policies allow gatherings at that time).

2021 Speakers

Leah Penniman

Leah Penniman

Leah Penniman is a Black Kreyol farmer/peyizan, mother, soil nerd, author, and food justice activist from Soul Fire Farm in Grafton, NY. She co-founded Soul Fire Farm in 2010 with the mission to end racism in the food system and reclaim our ancestral connection to land.

As Co-Director and Farm Manager, Leah is part of a team that facilitates powerful food sovereignty programs - including farmer training for Black & Brown people, a subsidized farm food distribution program for communities living under food apartheid, and domestic and international organizing toward equity in the food system.

Leah has been farming since 1996, holds an MA in Science Education and a BA in Environmental Science and International Development from Clark University, and is a Manye (Queen Mother) in Vodun. Leah trained at Many Hands Organic Farm, Farm School MA, and internationally with farmers in Ghana, Haiti, and Mexico. She also served as a high school biology and environmental science teacher for 17 years. The work of Leah and Soul Fire Farm has been recognized by the Soros Racial Justice Fellowship, Fulbright Program, Pritzker Environmental Genius Award, Grist 50, and James Beard Leadership Award, among others. Her book, Farming While Black: Soul Fire Farm’s Practical Guide to Liberation on the Land is a love song for the land and her people.

Ruth Reichl

Ruth Reichl

Ruth Reichl began writing about food in 1972, when she published Mmmmm: A Feastiary. She moved to Berkeley, California in 1973, and became co-owner and cook at The Swallow Restaurant. In 1978 she became restaurant critic for New West and California magazines, and went on to be the restaurant critic and food editor of the Los Angeles Times. From 1993-1999 she served as restaurant critic for The New York Times. In 1999 she moved to Gourmet Magazine, where she was Editor in Chief for ten years.

She has authored five memoirs, Tender at the Bone, Comfort Me with Apples, Garlic and Sapphires, For You, Mom, Finally, and Save Me the Plums, which was published in 2019. Her novel, Delicious! was published in 2014, and her cookbook, My Kitchen Year, 136 Recipes that Saved My Life in 2015. She edited Best American Food Writing 2018, and The Modern Library Food Series, which currently includes ten books. She was Executive Producer and host of the public television series, Adventures with Ruth and a judge on Top Chef Masters. She is the recipient of six James Beard Awards. At the moment she is working on a novel. Her most recent project is a documentary, with Laura Gabbert, director of City of Gold, about the many ways the current pandemic is altering the food landscape.

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Last year, we explored the future of US diplomacy, climate change policy, income inequality, national security, the Second Amendment, the Supreme Court, coronavirus, and other issues that were critical national topics leading up to the presidential elections in November.

The 2020 Champlain Institute
November 3 — What’s at Stake?


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Selected Readings

Champlain Institute guests are an engaged audience. We have asked speakers to recommend inspiring and thought-provoking articles, videos, posts, etc. that will contribute to guests’ understanding and increase their depth of perspective. Please reference our list of selected readings if you’d like to review the issues.

  Selected Readings



2020 Speakers 

Hillary Rodham Clinton Credit: Barbara Kinney

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton has spent four decades in public service as an advocate, attorney, First Lady, US Senator, US Secretary of State, and presidential candidate.

Hillary Clinton was born in Chicago, Illinois on October 26, 1947. After graduating from Wellesley College and Yale Law School, she began her life-long work on behalf of children and families by joining the Children’s Defense Fund.

In 1974, she moved to Arkansas, where she married Bill Clinton and became a successful attorney while also raising their daughter, Chelsea.

As First Lady of the United States, from 1993 to 2001, Hillary Clinton championed health care for all Americans and led successful bipartisan efforts to improve the adoption and foster care systems, reduce teen pregnancy, and create the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

In 2000, Clinton made history as the first First Lady elected to the United States Senate, and the first woman elected to statewide office in New York. As Senator, she worked across party lines to expand economic opportunity and access to quality, affordable health care. After September 11, 2001, she helped to rebuild New York and provide health care for first responders.

In 2007, she began her historic campaign for president, winning 18 million votes and becoming the first woman to ever win a presidential primary or caucus state.

In her four years as America’s chief diplomat and the President’s principal foreign policy adviser, Clinton led the effort to restore America’s leadership in the world. She negotiated a cease-fire in Gaza that defended Israel’s security and headed off another war in the Middle East, mobilized an international coalition to impose crippling sanctions against Iran, and championed human rights around the world, as she has her entire career.

In 2016, Clinton made history again by becoming the first woman nominated for president by a major US political party. As the Democratic candidate for president, she campaigned on a vision of America that is “stronger together” and an agenda to make our economy work for everyone, not just those at the top, earning the support of nearly 66 million Americans.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is the author of eight best-selling books, including her campaign memoir, What Happened (2017), and The Book of Gutsy Women (2019), with Chelsea Clinton.

She and President Clinton reside in New York, have one daughter, Chelsea, and are the proud grandparents of Charlotte, Aidan, and Jasper.

MONDAY, JULY 27 5:00 PM 
An Evening with Hillary Rodham Clinton

Wes Moore

Wes Moore

Wes Moore is the CEO of Robin Hood, one of the largest anti-poverty forces in the nation. He is a bestselling author, a combat veteran, and a social entrepreneur. Moore’s first book, The Other Wes Moore (2010), a perennial New York Times bestseller, captured the nation’s attention on the fine line between success and failure in our communities and in ourselves. That story has been optioned by executive producer Oprah Winfrey and HBO to be made into a movie. He is also the author of the bestselling books The Work (2015), Discovering Wes Moore (2012), and This Way Home (2015).

Moore’s latest book, Five Days (2020), explores the uprisings in Baltimore in 2015 after the death of Freddie Gray in police custody through a kaleidoscope of perspectives and examines critical questions about the deeper causes of violence and poverty.

Moore grew up in Baltimore and the Bronx, where he was raised by a single mom. Despite childhood challenges, he graduated Phi Theta Kappa from Valley Forge Military College in 1998 and Phi Beta Kappa from Johns Hopkins University in 2001. He earned an MLitt in International Relations from Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar in 2004. Moore then served as a captain and paratrooper with the US Army’s 82nd airborne, including a combat deployment to Afghanistan. He later served as a White House fellow to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Before becoming CEO at Robin Hood, Moore was the founder and CEO at BridgeEdu, an innovative tech platform based in Baltimore addressing the college completion and job placement crisis by reinventing freshman year for underserved students. BridgeEdu was acquired by Edquity, a Brooklyn-based student financial success and emergency aid firm, in June 2019.

Moore has also worked in finance as an investment banker with Deutsche Bank in London and with Citigroup in New York. Moore has served on numerous nonprofit and social-impact boards and is a lifetime member of the Council on Foreign Relations. The joy of Moore’s life are his two children and his wife, Dawn.

FRIDAY, JULY 31 5:00 PM 
Society at a Tipping Point: Race, Class & the Way Forward

Senator George Mitchell

George Mitchell

Senator George Mitchell was appointed to the United States Senate in 1980 to complete the unexpired term of Maine Senator Edmund S. Muskie, who resigned to become Secretary of State. He was elected to a full term in the Senate in 1982 in a stunning come-from-behind victory. After trailing in public opinion polls by 36 points, Senator Mitchell rallied to win the election, receiving 61% of the votes cast. Senator Mitchell went on to an illustrious career in the Senate spanning 15 years.

In 1988, he was reelected with 81% of the vote, the largest margin in Maine history. He left the Senate in 1995 as the Senate majority leader, a position he had held since January 1989.

In 1995, Mitchell served as a special advisor to President Bill Clinton on Ireland, and from 1996 to 2000, he served as the independent chairman of the Northern Ireland peace talks. Under his leadership, the Good Friday Agreement—an historic accord ending decades of conflict—was agreed to by the governments of Ireland and the United Kingdom and the political parties of Northern Ireland.

In 2000 and 2001, at the request of President Clinton, Prime Minister Ehud Barak, and Chairman Yasser Arafat, Senator Mitchell served as chairman of an international fact-finding committee on violence in the Middle East. The committee’s recommendation, widely known as The Mitchell Report, was endorsed by the Bush administration, the European Union, and by many other governments.

The Reach of History

Judge Douglas Ginsburg

Douglas Ginsburg

Douglas H. Ginsburg is a Judge of the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, to which he was appointed by President Reagan in 1986. He is also a professor at the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University, where he teaches courses in antitrust and jurisprudence, and a visiting professor at University College London, Faculty of Laws. Before joining the bench, he was a professor at Harvard Law School and then Assistant Attorney General of the United States for Antitrust.

Judge Ginsburg is a graduate of Cornell University and of the University of Chicago Law School. He serves on the advisory boards of many journals and academic centers, including: the Supreme Court Economic Review; the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy; the University of Chicago Law Review; and, at University College London, both the Centre for Law, Economics and Society and the Jevons Institute for Competition Law and Economics.

He is the author or co-author of many books and articles, including “Originalism and Economic Analysis: Two Case Studies of Consistency and Coherence in Supreme Court Decision Making” and “On Constitutionalism”. Judge Ginsburg recently completed a three-part series on the Constitution – A More or Less Perfect Union  – being broadcast on PBS stations this spring.

A More or Less Perfect Union

Jasmine El-Gamal Credit: Duco Experts

Jasmine M. El-Gamal

Jasmine M. El-Gamal is a nonresident senior fellow with the Middle East program at the Atlantic Council, where she focuses primarily on US foreign policy in the Middle East, as well as the Syria conflict and its implications for the region, Europe, and the United States.

El-Gamal served as a Middle East advisor to the United States Department of Defense from 2008-2015, where she handled the Iraq, Lebanon and Syria portfolios. During her tenure, she covered issues related to the Arab Spring, ISIS, and Guantanamo Bay, among others. She also served as the Acting Chief of Staff for the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Middle East Policy and as Special Assistant for National Security to the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy.


Extremism in the 21st Century

Abdi Nor Iftin Credit: Michael Lionstar

Abdi Nor Iftin

Abdi Nor Iftin is an author, radio journalist, refugee advocate, and interpreter. In his memoir, Call Me American (2018), Nor Iftin recounts his harrowing, extraordinary, and uplifting journey from Somalia, talking about immigration, being a refugee, and his new life in America. He was five when the civil war in Somalia began and attended a madrassa (school) while providing for his family. Amidst the famine and the daily shelling of the war, he had one escape: American movies and music. He learned about America, taught himself English (from watching those American movies), and began to dream of a life in the United States. Evading conscription by al-Shabaab while secretly filing stories for NPR under penalty of death, he stayed in Somalia until he had no choice but to flee to Kenya. While there, he had an incredible stroke of luck, and he won the Diversity Visa Lottery in 2014. His story was chronicled on “This American Life: Abdi and the Golden Ticket” .

Nor Iftin travels and speaks throughout the US to champion the cause of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs). When he became an American citizen this year, Senator Angus King attended his naturalization ceremony. He says he’s liberated now that he is an American citizen. He has a voice in this country; he is finally able to vote for the first time.

Call Me American

Josh Silver

Josh Silver

Josh Silver is the founder and director of RepresentUs, a post-partisan, nonprofit organization that is advancing campaign finance and election reforms across the nation. RepresentUs has built one of the largest grassroots and social media communities in the democracy reform field, with a focus on how to leverage systemic change through mass movements that traverse diverse political ideologies.

Silver is also co-founder and former CEO of Free Press, an advocacy group that promotes critical journalism and Internet openness. He served as campaign manager of the successful 1998 “Clean Elections” ballot measure in Arizona.  He publishes widely on democracy, media, election, campaign finance, and a range of other public policy issues.

Unbreaking America

Kay Coles James

Kay C. James

Kay C. James is no stranger to public policy and leadership. She has been making conservative solutions a reality in all levels of government and academia for over thirty years.

James has worked at the local, state, and federal levels of government in the administrations of former President George H.W. Bush, former Virginia Governor George Allen, and former President George W. Bush, and she has also served dozens of organizations in the corporate and non-profit arenas. She served on the 2016 Presidential Transition Team, and currently serves on the National Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commission to which she was appointed by President Donald Trump. In December 2017, she was unanimously elected by The Heritage Foundation’s Board of Trustees to be Heritage’s new president. She brings a wealth of experience to this position, having served on the Heritage Board from 2005 to 2018. Since becoming president of Heritage, James has led the way in growing the conservative movement, expanding Heritage’s scale and scope, as well as establishing processes and plans that will keep the organization thriving for generations to come.

James is also the founder and has served as the president of The Gloucester Institute, an organization dedicated to training and nurturing leaders in minority communities. She is a graduate of Hampton University, the recipient of numerous honorary degrees, and a best-selling author. Most importantly, she is married to Charles James Sr. and is the proud mother of three and grandmother of five.

An Evening with Kay C. James

Sam Sifton Credit: Brendan McCarthy

Sam Sifton

Sam Sifton is an assistant managing editor of TheNew York Times, overseeing the culture and lifestyle sections, the founding editor of NYT Cooking, and a columnist for The New York Times Magazine. He has also served as the national editor, the restaurant critic, and culture editor. Sifton is the author of See You on Sunday: A Cookbook for Family and Friends (2020) and Thanksgiving: How to Cook It Well: A Cookbook (2012).

Sifton graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College with an AB in History and Literature in 1988. He began his journalism career as assistant editor for American Heritage Magazine in 1988. From 1990 to 1994, he taught social studies in the New York City public school system. Sifton held a number of positions at the weekly New York Press during his tenure there from 1990 to 1998, including restaurant critic, contributing editor, senior editor, media critic and managing editor. Sifton was a founding editor of Talk (magazine) in 1998.

How We Eat Now

Philip Lader Credit: Robert Severi

Philip Lader

Philip Lader, former US Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s, was chairman of WPP plc. He served in President Clinton’s Cabinet while Administrator of the US Small Business Administration, and was White House
Deputy Chief of Staff, Assistant to the President, and Deputy Director of the Office of Management & Budget. He is the former president of South Carolina and Australia universities and Sea Pines Company, as well as executive vice president of America’s then-largest private landowner. Now a senior adviser to Morgan Stanley Investment Banking and Palantir Corporation and trustee of RAND Corporation and several foundations, he has served on the boards of Lloyds of London, Marathon Oil, AMC Entertainment, Canary Wharf, AES, British Museum, American Red Cross, Smithsonian Museum of American History, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Atlantic Council, and several banks and universities.

Educated at Duke, Michigan, Oxford, and Harvard Law School, Lader is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, was president of Business Executives for National Security, and has been awarded honorary doctorates by 14 universities. He and his wife, Linda, a Presbyterian minister, co-founded and continue to host Renaissance Weekends, the non-partisan retreats for innovative leaders.

An Evening with Kay C. James

Frances Fitzgerald, author of “The Evangelicals”, photographed at her home in New York City o...Frances FitzGerald

Frances FitzGerald is a journalist and author. She has written six books and contributed to The New Yorker, The New York Review of Books, Harper’s, The Atlantic, The New York Times magazine, Esquire, Architectural Digest, and other publications. Her first book, Fire in the Lake: the Vietnamese and the Americans in Vietnam (1972) received the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Award, and the Bancroft Prize for history.

FitzGerald graduated magna cum laude from Radcliffe College in 1962 with a BA in Middle Eastern History. She serves on the boards of directors of the Alicia Patterson Foundation, The Nation, and the Citizens Committee for New York City. She was president of the PEN American Center and The Society of American Historians, and served on the board of the Rockefeller Foundation and the Harvard Board of Overseers. She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

FitzGerald is married to the journalist and author, Jim Sterba, and lives in New York City.

The Struggle for America

Nick DowlingNick Dowling

Over the past two decades, Nick Dowling’s career has focused on stability operations and interagency coordination in both the public and private sectors. In his government service, Dowling worked to end the Balkan wars. He was Director for European Affairs at the National Security Council (NSC), where he coordinated Bosnia and Kosovo policy. Dowling has also worked as a defense fellow in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, as a senior fellow at the National Defense University, and as a policy advisor for two presidential campaigns and a US Senate campaign.

Over the past fifteen years, Dowling has been the CEO of IDS International, a firm that helps the US government handle conflict and complexity in the 21st century. IDS trains and supports US military and diplomatic efforts around the world on issues ranging from cyber warfare to security assistance. 

Addressing National Threats and Emergencies
Extremism in the 21st Century

Ted Widmer

Ted Widmer

Ted Widmer is a senior fellow at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs and distinguished lecturer at the Macaulay Honors College of the City University of New York. Widmer served as a speechwriter and senior advisor to former President Bill Clinton from 1997 to 2001, and as a senior advisor to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from 2012 to 2013. He was formerly the director of The John W. Kluge Center at the Library of Congress and the director of the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University. 

Widmer’s books include Lincoln on the Verge (2020), Martin Van Buren (2005); Campaigns: A Century of Presidential Races (with Alan Brinkley, 2001); and Young America: The Flowering of Democracy in New York City (1999). Widmer is a frequent contributor to The New York Times, The New York Observer, Politico, The Boston Globe, and The American Scholar.
An Evening with Hillary Rodham Clinton

How to Unite the United States—Lessons from Lincoln

WASHINGTON,DC- SEPT. 13, 2012: Francis Sellers-Moderator at Washington Post Live, Advancing Medic... Credit: Capital Business

Frances Stead Sellers

Frances Stead Sellers is a senior writer at the Washington Post. She covered the 2016 presidential campaign, writing about the leading candidates and key figures in the Trump administration, and was a member of the team that produced the 2016 best seller Trump Revealed: The Definitive Biography of the 45th President.

Sellers has been a senior editor in charge of several sections of the Post, including the signature daily section Style, which focuses on political profiles, personalities, arts, and ideas.

Sellers holds a BA in Modern Languages from Oxford University and an MA in Linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania, and is a sought-after commentator on American politics and culture for US and British radio and TV.

Call Me American

N Fogg

Nathaniel Fogg

Nat Fogg is a private investor and trusted advisor in the defense and government services market with over 20 years of relevant experience. He has led over 50 engagements with corporate and private equity clients with 25 successfully closed deals totaling $5B in enterprise value.

Most recently, Fogg was an advisor to A&M Capital Partners and subsequently SVP for mergers & acquisitions and Corporate Development at Centerra Group, a portfolio company of A&M Capital, which was acquired by Apollo in April of 2017. Prior to joining Centerra, Fogg was a partner and founding member of the Chertoff Group, a boutique advisory and M&A firm specializing in national security markets. He also served at the Department of Homeland Security in the Bush 43 administration as the Deputy Chief Operating Officer at FEMA, helping to restore the agency’s reputation and image in a post-Hurricane Katrina environment.

Fogg began his career as an officer in the US Navy, serving on various ships in the Atlantic and Pacific Fleets as a surface warfare officer. He holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School and a BA from Yale University. Fogg remains a senior advisor to the Chertoff Group and resides in Palm Beach, Florida.

Addressing National Threats and Emergencies

Roxana Robinson by Beowulf Sheehan Credit: Beowulf Sheehan

Roxana Robinson

Roxana Robinson is the author of ten books - six novels, three collections of short stories, and a biography of Georgia O’Keeffe. Four of these were chosen as New York Times Notable Books, two as New York Times Editors’ Choices. 

Her fiction has appeared in The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Harper’s, Best American Short Stories, Tin House, and elsewhere. Her work has been widely anthologized and broadcast on NPR. Her books have been published in England, France, Germany, Holland, and Spain. Robinson is a scholar of American paintings and an environmentalist, and her essays, criticism, and Op-Eds have appeared in The New York Times,The International Herald Tribune, The Chicago Tribune,The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Washington Post, Bookforum, The Nation, and elsewhere. She is the recipient of many awards, the most recent the Barnes & Noble “Writers for Writers” Award, from Poets & Writers.

Her novels include Dawson’s Fall (2019), Sparta (2013), Cost (2008), and Sweetwater (2003).

The Struggle for America

PHOTO BY JASON P. SMITH. 2012 Graduation at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor MaineJamie McKown

Jamie McKown is the James Russell Wiggins Chair in Government and Polity at College of the Atlantic. He teaches courses in political science, rhetoric, critical theory, and American history. His research interests lie at the intersection between political science, rhetorical criticism, critical theory, and American political history. He is currently completing a project on Lincoln’s use of conspiracy rhetoric in the years before his election to the presidency. In addition, he is working on a long-term project to recover the works of influential Michigan women’s suffrage activist and Republican operative Adelle Hazlett.

Before coming to COA, McKown was a professor at the College of Charleston where he taught classes in rhetoric, political communication, and American campaign history. He has also taught at Northwestern University and Loyola University in Chicago. He spent a number of years as a coach for the Emory University debate team and successfully coached three different teams to national intercollegiate championship titles. Based on these efforts he was awarded the Warren Aiken Outstanding Alumni Award by Emory in 2000. McKown holds a BA in Political Science from Emory University, an MA in Political Communication from Georgia State University, and a PhD in Rhetoric from Northwestern University.

How to Unite the United States—Lessons from Lincoln

Alan Crain Credit: Houston Human Rights First

Alan Crain

Alan Crain teaches at the Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University. He has lectured at Stanford Law School, Penn State, Duke, University of Texas, and Tufts University. He was an adjunct professor of international law for ten years at the University of Houston. He is the chairman of the Houston Committee on Foreign Relations and a life member of the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.

He serves on the boards of directors of a number of public and private companies, as well as several education and human rights focused non-profits. He is also an independent arbitrator, having served on more than 100 arbitration tribunals.

Crain began his career with a law firm in Washington, DC, and has been general counsel of three Fortune 500 multinationals, operating in over 100 countries, in the fields of energy, technology, and manufacturing. He has had global responsibility for legal affairs, ethics and compliance, risk management, and government relations. He holds BS and MS degrees in Engineering, a MBA, and a JD. He has been admitted to practice law in the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Texas, and before several Federal Courts, including the US Supreme Court.

A More or Less Perfect Union

Will Thorndike

Will Thorndike

Will N. Thorndike founded Housatonic Partners in Boston in 1994, a leading middle market private equity firm with offices in Boston and San Francisco, and has been managing director since that time.

Thorndike is a graduate of Harvard College and the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He is a director of Carillon Assisted Living LLC, CONSOL Energy Inc (Chair, NYSE: CNX), Lincoln Peak Holding LLC, OASIS Group Ltd, QMC International LLC, and ZircoDATA.  He is also a trustee of The Stanford Business School Trust, WGBH, and College of the Atlantic, as well as a founding partner at FARM, a social impact investing collaborative. He is the author of The Outsiders: Eight Unconventional CEOs and Their Radically Rational Blueprint for Success (2012).


Unbreaking America

2020 Introducers 

William Eacho

William C. Eacho III

Ambassador William Carlton Eacho III is the former United States Ambassador to Austria from 2009 to 2013. Eacho was nominated by President Barack Obama in June 2009, and was confirmed by the US Senate and sworn in during August 2009. Eacho is presently a co-founder of The Partnership for Responsible Growth, a bipartisan organization advocating for US legislation for revenue-neutral fees on carbon.

In 2014, Eacho became a visiting professor of the practice at the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University. In 2013, he joined the Center for Transatlantic Relations as a distinguished fellow, and was visiting scholar at the Johns Hopkins University Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, with an expertise in global energy, environment, and security issues. He formerly served on the Energy and Security Task Force of the International Peace Institute.

C. Boyden Gray

C. Boyden Gray

Ambassador C. Boyden Gray is the founding partner of Boyden Gray & Associates, a law and strategy firm in Washington, DC, focused on constitutional and regulatory issues.

Gray worked in the White House for twelve years, first as counsel to the Vice President during the Reagan administration and then as White House Counsel to President George H.W. Bush. In the Reagan administration, he was counsel to the Presidential Task Force on Regulatory Relief, and during the George H.W. Bush administration, he was in charge of judicial selection. In 1993, he received the Presidential Citizens Medal. Under President George W. Bush, he served as US Ambassador to the European Union and US Special Envoy to Europe for Eurasian Energy.

Gray practiced law for 25 years at the law firm of Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering and was chairman of the Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice Section of the American Bar Association from 2000 to 2002. He is an adjunct professor at Antonin Scalia Law School and a former adjunct professor at NYU Law School, and is on the Board of Directors of the Atlantic Council, the Federalist Society, Reason Foundation, and the Trust for the National Mall.

Gray earned his AB magna cum laude from Harvard and his JD with high honors from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He served in the United States Marine Corps and, after law school, he clerked for Earl Warren, Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

Arthur Martinez

Arthur C. Martinez

Arthur C. Martinez is retired chairman, president, and CEO of Sears, Roebuck and Company. Previously, Martinez was the vice chairman of Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City and a member of that company’s board of directors, group chief executive for the retail division of BATUS, Inc. and a member of the BATUS board, and held several positions with Saks, including executive vice president for administration, senior vice president, and CFO. He also served as executive chairman of Abercrombie & Fitch, as non-executive chairman of HSNi, Inc., and as a member of the supervisory board and chairman of ABN AMRO Holding, N.V.

Martinez received a BS from Polytechnic University and an MBA from Harvard University, and is the 1999 recipient of Harvard’s Alumni Achievement Award, the school’s highest honor. He received an honorary Doctor of Laws from Notre Dame in 1997 and an honorary Doctor of Engineering from Polytechnic University in 2008. He has received many awards throughout his career, including CEO of the Year in 1996 by Financial World magazine, Business Statesman of the Year in 1997 by the Harvard Business School Club of Chicago and in 1998, he received the National Retail Federation’s Gold Medal for Excellence in Retailing.

He is currently a trustee of The Maine Coast Heritage Trust and the Norton Museum of Art, and serves as chairman of the board of trustees of Greenwich Hospital, and is a life trustee of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Northwestern University. He is the author of The Hard Road to the Softer Side (2001).

R. Marie Griffith

R. Marie Griffith

R. Marie Griffith is the John C. Danforth Distinguished Professor in the Humanities at Washington University in St. Louis and the current director of the John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics and the editor of the Center’s journal, Religion & Politics. Her research focuses on American Christianity, including the changing profile of American evangelicals and ongoing conflicts over gender, sexuality, and marriage.

Griffith has a BA in Political and Social Thought from the University of Virginia and a PhD in the study of religion from Harvard University. Before moving to Washington University in 2011, she served as professor of religion and director of the women and gender studies program at Princeton University, where she was awarded the President’s Award for Distinguished Teaching; and later as the John A. Bartlett Professor of New England Church History at Harvard. In 2015, she was appointed a distinguished lecturer for the Organization of American Historians.

Griffith is the author of Moral Combat: How Sex Divided American Christians and Fractured American Politics (2017), Born Again Bodies: Flesh and Spirit in American Christianity (2004), and God’s Daughters: Evangelical Women and the Power of Submission (1997).

Philip Kunhardt

Philip Kunhardt

Philip B. Kunhardt III is a COA alumnus, trustee emeritus, and recently retired distinguished scholar in residence in the humanities at New York University. Kunhardt, a Lincoln scholar, taught history and biography in NYU’s College of Arts and Science and before that was a Bard Center fellow at Bard College.

He has co-authored six books, including The Photographs of Abraham Lincoln (2015), Looking for Lincoln (2008), and The American President (1999), and has written and co-produced historical documentaries for PBS, ABC, HBO, Discovery, and other networks. He was the founding director of The Center for the Study of Transformative Lives, which he established at NYU in 2011. Under his directorship the Center sponsored research, teaching, and education centering on the lives of exemplary individuals whose dedication, genius, and moral vision helped shape the course of human events.

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