Can I come in to the greenhouse?

Please do! Everyone is welcome to visit and hang out in the greenhouse. Students frequently use the loft space to do homework, soak up warmth in the winter, and occasionally snatch a quick nap on the couch before class.

Can I store my favorite succulent/orchid/pet tarantula in the greenhouse? The climate seems so much nicer than in my dorm.

While we would enjoy having small guests, this creates a problem with pest transmission. In an effort to keep these issues to a minimum, we ask that you keep your pets and plants at home.

 Can you take care of my plants over break?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide break-time care for plants.

 Are there really lizards in the greenhouse?

Sometimes. Keep your eyes open and you may spot one.

 Can I do an experiment in the greenhouse?

Students often perform experiments in the greenhouse and we are happy to provide this space. Please contact the faculty manager or student manager before embarking on any projects.

Who works in the greenhouse?

The greenhouse is managed by botany faculty and students. The day-to-day care is performed by students who water plants, coordinate projects, and implement organic pest management.