The Hatchery can be taken for either regular academic credits or senior project credits. Either way the Hatchery offers a unique experience. If you have an idea for a new enterprise of your own or as part of another organization and would like the opportunity to evaluate it in a structured, collaborative environment, consider applying to the Hatchery.

Hatchery information

Past students have started enterprises in the arts, sciences, activism, local and international community development, food systems, technology and other areas. For-profit and nonprofit enterprises are welcome. See examples of student ventures.  

Hatchery residents can also act as consultants to outside enterprises. In the past we’ve had students work in solar, affordable housing, food justice and other areas. The Hatchery is offered every year.

It is a 3-credit course that can include senior project credits. Over the 10 weeks you’ll develop a market test or prototype for your idea.

Hatchery support

  • Weekly meetings covering critical aspects of any enterprise or organization

  • Seed funding to eligible enterprises

  • Rent free office space for your first year

  • Professional support and advice regarding legal, accounting, assistance finding funds, mentors, office equipment and supplies, 24/7 access to your space, larger support network

The three phases of the Hatchery

  1. Application — Apply for a spot in the Hatchery by Friday, week 4 of winter term.

  2. Rapid Prototype — During the ten weeks of the Hatchery course, create a rapid prototype to test your concept in the marketplace. Prototypes vary widely and reflect your particular project.

  3. Development — For the 9 months following the Hatchery course you have access to the Hatchery space and resources to continue developing your enterprise. If the Hatchery is done in your senior spring, you have access to the space for 9 months after graduation.


Applying to the Hatchery

To apply to the Hatchery, download, fill out, and return this application form to Jay Friedlander,