Home Schooled Students

Homeschooled Students

COA welcomes applications from home schooled students. Our small size and flexible curriculum are well-suited to home schooled students. COA's classes are centered around discussion, debate and intensive one-on-one interaction among students and faculty.

Often home schooled students have questions about the best way to present the last four years of learning experiences. We ask that you be thorough in outlining the topics covered, books read, homework completed, the evaluation process used in assessing work, and the progress made over the years. Standardized testing can also be a helpful tool when evaluating home schooled students as it is the only available measure of a student's ability relative to other high school students. We do not require incoming students take the SATs or ACTs, but standardized testing is recommended for students who have been educated at home.

Studying topics in-depth is one of the advantages of home schooling. We are excited to hear about the ways in which you have pursued your intellectual passions. We expect you to study a broad range of topics as a home schooler. Solid preparation in math, the sciences, and foreign language should accompany the study of literature, humanities, and history. Students entering COA typically have at least three years each of math and science, four years of English, and two of history and foreign language. Many applicants actually have 4 years of nearly all of these subjects.

When applying to COA, please include a description of your social and extracurricular pursuits. We review applicants as potential students and community members and it is important to get a sense of what you will bring to the College in both realms (and we recognize that these are not mutually exclusive areas). If a student has not worked collaboratively on projects nor has limited interaction with peers we wonder how he or she will adjust to life in our college community.

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