IRC Projects

Buoys study posterDerelict Fishing Gear: A Buoy Island Map (pdf - 6.5MB)
Robin Owings

common eiderPreferential Utilization of Rocky Coastline Habitat by Herring Gulls - Larus argentatus (pdf - 880k)
Aspen T. Reese

common eiderGreat Black-Backed Gull Predation on Common Eider Ducklings on Great Duck Island, Maine (pdf - 124k)
Mikus Abolins-Abols

storm PetrelBurrow Distribution and Habitat Parameters in Leach's Storm Petrel (pdf - 79k)
Anna Caroline Perry

gd lightPredation on Common Eider Ducklings on Great Duck Island, Maine (pdf - 135k)
Sarah E.A. Spruce '07

In-Situ Sensor Networks for Habitat Monitoring

Herring Gulls' use of lobsterbait during the breeding season in Penobscot Bay
Graduate Thesis, Wing Goodale '01

Census and Monitoring Techniques for Leachs Storm-Petrel (Oceanodroma leucorhoa)
Graduate Thesis, Julia Ambagis '01

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