Eligible Borrowers

Thorndike Library is open to the general public.  College of the Atlantic community members, MDI residents, employees of affiliated organizations, and researchers are eligible to check out circulating materials.

  • COA Community Members - students, faculty, staff, trustees, Champlain Society Members and family members of all the preceding; local (Hancock County) COA alumni
  • MDI residents - year round and summer residents of MDI
  • Employees of Affiliated Organizations - employees of Acadia National Park, Jackson Lab, MDIBL, MDI Hospital; Hancock County school administrators; University of Maine students and faculty
  • Researchers - researchers affiliated with a local research group; researchers that have a letter of introduction if not associated with a local research group
  • Children & Young Adults - Young adults 10-17 years may have their own library card with a parent or guardian’s signature (the parent must be an eligible borrower).  Normal library rules apply.  Individuals younger than 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult and may borrow on their guardian or parent’s library card.
Library Etiquette

To ensure everyone’s enjoyment and well-being, we have implemented the following.

  • Food and Drink - Food attracts insects that can be harmful to books – and annoying to humans.  In recognition of people enjoying a snack while they study, we allow limited food consumption in the library.  If you need a snack, please limit yourself to dry food that is quiet to eat and comes in small packages.  For drinks, we ask you to use covered containers such as a travel mug or bottles with caps.  Please clean up after yourself.  If you have a spill, contact a staff member so that the situation can be cleared up as soon as possible.
  • Smoking - Smoking is allowed in designated areas only on campus.  The closest smoking area to the library is outside the north entrance of the dining hall (Take-a-Break).
  • Cell Phones - In consideration of others, please refrain from cell phone conversations in the library’s reading room and stacks, and set cell phones to silent or vibrate.  The library lounge, just outside the library doors, offers comfortable chairs for cell phone use and conversation.
  • Noise - In the library lobby normal voices are welcomed.  However, please remember that offices are nearby and that classes take place in the adjacent Seminar Room.  The Reading Room is considered a “whisper zone.”  The stacks are a place for quiet study.

Thorndike Library is open to the general public.

  • Library cards are available to eligible borrowers.
  • Public computers are available in the library lobby to any visitor.  Priority is given to COA community members doing library research.  Other computer use is limited to 10 minutes if others are waiting.
  • Copying, scanning and printing is available to visitors.  Black/white printing and copying is $.10 per side.  Color printing and copying is $.20 per side.  Scanning is free.
  • Access to the internet from personal laptops is available provided the laptop has the most recent anti-virus software and operating system updates installed.

The copyright law of the United States (Title 17 U.S. Code) governs the making of photocopies and other reproductions of copyrighted material.  Library users are expected to act in accordance with this law.  Library users may wish to consult our copyright guide.

Pet Policy

In keeping with the COA Pet Policy, pets visiting the library will be well behaved, good natured, and subject to the control of their owners. Dogs visiting the library will be leashed. Pets have limited library access.

  • Pets are allowed in the library lobby.
  • When available, pets accompanied by their owner are allowed in the Library Seminar Room. The door will be closed and a sign placed on the door to alert visitors that a pet is inside.
  • Pets are not allowed in the Reading Room or Stacks. This is in consideration of those with allergies or fears and in recognition of community members seeking a quiet place to study.

This policy does not cover service/emotional support animals. The library follows the Service Dog and Emotional Support Animal Policy.