Find/View a Senior Project


Senior Projects and Master’s Theses are cataloged in the library’s catalog, Thorncat. Some projects are temporarily held from public view, which is reflected in their call number. All other available Senior Projects will have SENIOR PROJECT as their call number and are available for in-library viewing. Master’s Thesis call numbers have the prefix THESIS and are located in the COA Collection area at the back of the library (they are bound in blue with title and author imprinted on spine).

List of Projects & Theses

You can access this finding aid, which is a list of all the projects and theses held in the archives. 

Viewing Projects

Senior projects are stored in the college archives. They range in format from VHS and cassette to compact disc and printed books. They are available for in-library use only. The library has players for the various formats. To view a senior project, email

Under the academics section of the website, there are select senior projects on exhibit.

Resources for Seniors

Reserve a Library Study Carrel

The library has 4 study carrels that can be reserved by seniors working on their senior projects. Requests for carrels must be submitted to Jane Hultberg along with a copy of your approved and signed senior project proposal.

Exhibit in the Library

The library has exhibit space available! Contact Catherine Preston-Schreck for information.

Display in the Library

The library likes to display copies of senior projects in the Reading Room during graduation weekend. Contact Jane Hultberg for more information.

Senior Project Deadline

Senior projects are due Friday, May 31, 2019 by 3:30pm to the archivist and a copy of the completed Signature Form is due to the Registrar by 4pm.

Submission Forms & Guidelines

All forms and submission guidelines are located on the Registrar’s Graduation Forms & Guidelines page.

  • The Submission Guidelines explains formatting paper and digital submissions for the various project types.
  • There are 2 required forms: Signature Form and Release Form.
  • There is an optional Delayed Release Form that allows you and your advisor to delay access to your project.
  • To complete the submissions process and receive credit: You must submit a copy of the completed signature form to the Registrar’s Office, and e-mail your description/self-evaluation to This should consist of two paragraphs, the first should briefly describe your project and the second should be your self-evaluation. The description/self-evaluation is not included in the bound copy for the Archives but is included in your narrative transcript record.
Senior Project FAQs

When are Senior Projects due?  Projects are due Friday of Week 9 of Spring Term. The project is submitted to the archivist by 3:30pm and a copy of the completed Signature Form is due to the Registrar by 4pm.

Where do I submit my Senior Project?  You submit your project to the college archivist, located in Thorndike Library. You then take a copy of your completed Signature Form to the Registrar to complete the process.

How can I get a signature from my advisor or project director if they’re out-of-town?  Plan ahead and have them sign your Signature Form before they leave town. Or you can email the signature form to them, have them print and sign it, then scan and email it back to you. If neither of these options works, contact as soon as possible to discuss other options.

What do I do if I am going to be out-of-town?  Planning ahead is very important! If you are going to be out-of-town DO NOT wait until the deadline to deal with submitting your project. Due dates are known at the beginning of the academic year, and you will be expected to meet the deadline even if you are not on campus. You have 3 options:

  1. Before you leave town, get your Signature Form signed by your academic advisor and project director. Mail your printed project, completed (except for archivist’s signature) Signature Form and completed Release Form to the archivist. Have a willing friend/advisor retrieve the completed Signature Form from the archivist and submit it to the Registrar on your behalf.
  2. Mail a printed copy of your project and completed Release Form to the archivist. Have a willing friend/advisor get all signatures for your Signature Page, submit it to the archivist, and submit it to the Registrar on your behalf.
  3. Have a willing friend/advisor print your project and completed Release Form, get all signatures for your Signature Page, submit it to the archivist, and then submit a copy of the completed Signature Form to the Registrar on your behalf. You must email a digital copy of your project to the

My project is a combination of audio recordings and writings. How do I format my project for submission?  Please contact the archivist to discuss formatting options.

Can I print double-sided?  Single-sided is preferred, but double-sided is accepted. If your project has many images, print single-sided to prevent the images being printed back-to-back and bleeding into each other.

Can I print in color?  Yes! Please be aware that if you are printing in the library, you do have to pay for the color printing. Color printing is $0.20 per side.

Can I get a bound copy of my project?  Yes! It costs $20 per copy. You must bring a printed copy of your project, cash or check, and a completed Personal Bound Copy Order Form to the archivist anytime of the academic year.

Should I staple my project or put it in a binder?  NO! Your project needs to be submitted loose, without any fasteners (paperclips, staples, binder-clips). The archivist will place the loose papers in a folder upon submission.

What happens to the paper copy?  The library sends your project to a bindery in Massachusetts, which binds your project into a hardcover book. Your name and project title is engraved on the spine of the book, which is permanently stored in the archives.