Course reserve items are either required or supplemental class materials placed on a shorter library checkout period to ensure access for all class members.

Placing Items on Course Reserve

What is accepted for course reserves?

  1. Any item in the public domain.
  2. Books in the library collection.
  3. Copied portions of books and journals determined to meet a fair use interpretation.
  4. Tests, quizzes, instructional material, etc., created by the instructor.
  5. Items for which the instructor holds copyright.
  6. Personal books of the instructor.
  7. Student work with the student’s written consent. (Please submit the consent notice with the work you wish to have placed on reserve.)

What is not accepted for library reserves?

  1. Compilations of articles bound together or course packs without copyright approval.
  2. Portions of consumable works, such as workbooks. The original workbook in its entirety may be placed on reserve if owned by the library or instructor.
  3. Materials accessible on the web, including articles from subscription-based databases. (Library staff will help you identify persistent links to articles for your students.)
  4. Books from interlibrary loan.

How do I submit course reserves?

Please print the following PDF forms and bring them to the library with your reserve items.

  1. Form for Articles and Book Chapters
  2. Form for Books and Films

Borrowing Items on Course Reserve

Where do I access the library reserves?
Reserves that are on a 4-hour or overnight checkout period are on shelves behind the Circulation Desk.  Items on a 3-day checkout period are inside the library’s Reading Room on the left.

Do I have to check out library reserves?
YES. All items MUST BE checked out at the Circulation Desk, even if you are just using the item in the library. This allows us to better manage and track these high demand materials.

How long can reserves be borrowed?
There are three loan periods. They are identified by a colored strap or tape:

  • RED = 4 Hour loan period. Items checked out within four hours of closing must be in the book drop outside Kaelber Hall by 8:00 a.m. the next morning.
  • YELLOW = Overnight loan period, due back by 9 a.m. the next day.
  • GREEN = 3-day loan period, due back by 9 a.m. the 4th day.

Can I renew reserve items?

What happens if my reserve items are returned late?
Thorndike Library does not charge fines. Material on course reserves is for the shared use of the entire class. It is expected that you will honor your classmates’ needs and return items on time. The library maintains the right to deny you access to the reserves if you fail to respect your classmates by consistently returning items late. No additional library items can be checked out until your overdues are returned.

Can I return reserve items in the book drop just outside the Kaelber Hall doors?
Yes. However, if we are open, we prefer that you return your reserves directly to the Circulation Desk. This way we can be sure they are back on the reserve shelves promptly.