Computers & Loaner Laptops

Computer Use and Accessg

Library users are expected to abide by the College’s computer use policies.  Public computers are available for use in the library lobby.  Library users, including visitors, can obtain access to the internet from their personal laptops provided they have the most recent anti-virus software and operating system updates installed.  Printing to college printers from personal laptops requires special installations provided by Computer Services and is available to students, faculty and staff.

Loaner Laptops

Laptops available for checkout from Thorndike Library are for COA students and are generally to supplement computers available in the Neva Goodwin Computer Lab.  There are laptops available for library-use-only, 3-day loan, and when necessary, extended use.  The Adobe suite is loaded on one PC and one Mac, each of which is available for library-use-only.

Print, Scan, Photocopy

The library has several different machines that allow for printing, scanning and photocopying.

Printing/Photocopying Costs

COA Students, Faculty, Staff
Color (per side) — $0.20
B&W (per side)  — FREE
Photocopying    — $0.05

Color (per side) — $0.20
B&W (per side)  — $0.10
Photocopying    — $0.10

Scanning Costs

Free for All 


VHS/DVD Players/Video Conferencing

In the Stacks

There is a VHS/DVD player in the library stacks.  The remote and headphones are available at the circulation desk.  Two people can view a movie at a time.

Library Seminar Room

The seminar room is equipped with a VHS/DVD player as well as video conferencing equipment.  To check on Seminar Room availability, please call 801-5665 or email