Will Minogue ’16 took part in a seven month internship with the US Geological Survey water scie...Will Minogue ’16 took part in a seven month internship with the US Geological Survey water science center in Florida, where he worked as a hydraulic analyst and technician.

For seven months, Will Minogue ’16 was interning at a water science center in Florida. After completing a year at Green Mountain College on an eco-league exchange, Minogue began an internship in a field he’s always wanted to work in.

What were you doing for your internship?

I worked for the US Geological Survey (USGS) water science center in Florida and I was a hydraulic analyst and technician. So we have water monitoring sites all over the state… We had to just measure how high the water is and then from there we could do data analysis, and we can do a bunch of stuff to it. It was a lot of fun — I had a blast doing it.

How long were you there for?

I was down there for seven months. I went to Green Mountain College as an eco-league student for a full year, and then their term ends in May. So I was [in Florida] from May until December.

What have you been studying at COA?

I came to COA knowing that I wanted to work with water. I am of the personal belief that World War III will probably be over water, so I want to be able to give back in some way. Working with water for me is huge. COA’s been awesome with it as well. They’ve really catered to me — a lot of the independent studies I’ve done, and other things like that. They’ve done nothing but try to help me…  

This internship was my dream job. And it looks like I’ll be actually heading back there now as soon as I graduate, so come spring time it looks like I’ll be… starting back up at that. I’m really excited, actually. It’s been the job that I’ve been shooting for forever — to get a government job working with water. And just the type of work I’ll be doing [means] I’ll get to be building a lot of these sites and working with all the new instrumentation, installing it… I did one at the animal resource center that housed animals that were injured and there were five or six manatees, and I’m working in this area where they’re all penned in… So I’m doing a bunch of work and all of a sudden over my shoulder there’s just a manatee staring at me, and then it wouldn’t get out of my way (laughs). After 45 minutes it’s like ‘OK, I need to actually finish doing what I’m doing’ [but] there were just manatees floating around wanting me to pet them. It was just a blast. The wildlife was just incredible.

It was just invaluable to me to get to do that. I had a blast… Again it’s just Florida, but the wildlife there was unbelievable. I’m only familiar with the seacoast here in New England, and getting to go to Florida was awesome… And now I have a job waiting for me as soon as I graduate. I’m an older student, you know I’m coming up on 30, so it’s a little spooky [thinking that] I’m just about to graduate college. I’m a few years behind, at least that’s how I feel, and now having a job waiting for me has been a very relaxing feeling. I just have to make it through a couple hard classes, senior project, and then I’m done and free and I can go. So I’m very appreciative for COA and what they’ve done.

COA actually wants [a few] of those sites here on the island, so I’m working with Sarah Hall right now looking at grants and things like that hoping to bring all of that here to the island for different studies that we can now start doing.