Danielle Rose Byrd ’05Danielle Rose Byrd ’05

Come winter, she spends some weekends demonstrating planes, chisels, mallets and other fine hand tools around the country for the venerable Lie-Nielsen Toolworks in Warren.

Originally from the Oxford County town of Rumford, Danielle first went to college as a pre-med major. But she wound up studying music and graduating from College of the Atlantic in 2005.

“They had a burn pile at the edge of campus,” the 34-year-old recalled. “I made a fiddle from their burn pile for my senior project. Then I started to whittle a little bit more.”

Wood spoons came next.

“Since the internet wasn’t nearly as vast as it is now, and I had no idea that there was a small, devoted contingent of people carving spoons,” she continued. “It took me years to make progress.”

Self-taught, Danielle said she “stumbled” onto “green” wood carving in the mid 2000s…

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