College of the Atlantic President Dr. Darron Collins ’92.College of the Atlantic President Dr. Darron Collins ’92.As thousands of young men and women start their college careers this fall, they’ll be asked the same question over and over: What’s your major?

Most will have an answer — biology, engineering, art history, psychology, you name it. Some made their own decision when it came to choosing a field of study, certainly, but many others have been encouraged (even good-naturedly nagged) by parents, school counselors and even their friends to choose a major before even stepping foot on campus.

As a college president whose own 17-year-old is starting the college search with no clue what she wants to major in, may I share a word of advice for students and their parents? Relax.

Higher education offers an environment in which young people learn about themselves and begin to cultivate their place in the world. Unlike their time in high school, students in college will be encouraged to figure out, for themselves, what they’ll study and their eventual career path.

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