Dr. Daniel Gatti is COA's new computer science professor, teaching courses such as Programming w...Dr. Daniel Gatti is COA's new computer science professor, teaching courses such as Programming with Python and Data Science.

Dr. Daniel Gatti is focused on using mathematical and statistical methods to answer pressing questions about the world. He comes to COA after­ decades of professional work as a programmer and bioinformatics analyst.

College of the Atlantic is delighted to add Dr. Daniel Gatti to the ranks of permanent faculty. Dan’s years of practical experience with computer science modeling, programming, and large data analysis will be a great asset to the COA curriculum,” said COA Academic Dean Ken Hill. “Dr. Gatti’s enthusiastic and deep desire to explore the intersections of computer science and the human experience will positively engage our students for years to come.”

Gatti holds a Ph.D in Environmental Science and Engineering from the University of North Carolina, with research centered on computational biology and genetic influences in environmental toxicology. Beyond the investigatory nature of computer science, Gatti said that he is interested in the broader effects of computers on the human ecosystem.

As a professor, Gatti said, he seeks to inspire connections between course materials and personal interests.

“Students learn best when they are motivated by something that they care about,” Gatti said. “While there are certain core concepts that must be covered in a course, I hope to excite and inspire students beyond those, to help them link their passions with the science we’re studying.”

Gatti said that he enjoyed his professional work, but found that his favorite part of the job was helping to teach others new skills. Realizing that his teaching interactions energized him, Gatti said he set out to teach on the college level. After some exploration, he concluded that COA would be an excellent fit for his approach.

“I was attracted by COA’s open educational philosophy,” he said. “I considered more traditional schools, in which each professor is assigned to a single department and is encouraged to work within their discipline, but I have never been able to stay within the intellectual boundaries that are set for me.”

Gatti said that he is developing computational courses that empower students to do more in their studies and in their lives after college. He began teaching at COA in Fall 2018.

Dr. Daniel Gatti comes to COA after years of working as a programmer and bioinformatics analyst at nearby Jackson Laboratory.

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