For my senior project, I am researching the shift of focus of the Bolivian government with regards to its environmental agenda. Existing literature about socio-political process in Bolivia focuses a lot of importance of the 2008-2010 period as a “bifurcation period” or “historical landmark” in terms of social movement activity, policy reform, re-arrangement of national power geometry, and economic development direction.

I believe that as a result of these shifts and transformations, the environmental agenda has dropped lower in the rank of priorities for this government. My objective is to reconstruct the events and process of this period to understand why and how that happened.

The Bolivian experience has, I believe, global relevance because few other countries in recent history have made the environment a top priority. Bolivia was on a path to make deep transformations to the economy, society, and state away from an extractive economy. Today the vision  disregards environmental concerns. Thus, Bolivia is the perfect laboratory to explore and reflect about social change, activism, notions of development, ways to transition to more sustainable societies and economies. These are the underlying motivations for my senior project.