Nicholas Urban ’15 has finished his senior project, entitled: “A Feasibility Assessment of College of the Atlantic’s Energy Goals.” He explains: “The purpose of my senior project was to test the feasibility of the ‘Energy Framework,’ a document passed through the school governance system that sets goals to become a fossil fuel-free campus by 2050.

“In my analysis, I created a 35-year road map of sustainable energy projects based on a number of guiding criteria developed from my research and knowledge around sustainable energy transitions in other schools, communities, and organizations, including from my time interning on Samsø Island, Denmark’s renewable energy island.

“During my project, I aggregated energy data from multiple sources into one central location, I completed an inventory of all the heating systems on campus, and I developed a solar potential model and heating demand model.

“Hopefully, my senior project can serve as a stepping stone as the college moves closer to its ultimate goal of becoming a more sustainable, fossil fuel-free community.”