News coverage of Palestinian-Israeli settlement talks usually lists the water question as a top priority ranked just after Security, Borders, Jerusalem and Refugees.   With broad water rights experience in the western U.S., Peter Sly undertook an orientation trip to Palestine and Israel led by Palestinian Christians. The group traveled to Bethlehem, Jericho, Nazareth and Jerusalem.  To supplement this general tour, Sly added a full day with a water engineer specializing in trans-boundary water projects and meetings in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.  The Forum presentation will summarize his impressions about water supply, quality, plumbing, waste water and U.S. involvement in the West Bank.

He has represented major urban water purveyors in Nevada and California, the states of Arizona, Hawaii, Montana, Nevada and Wyoming, and several local governments, environmental groups and community coalitions.   As Director of the Conference of Western Attorneys General, he wrote THE RESERVED WATER RIGHTS SETTLEMENT MANUAL, a neutral reference for parties and their attorneys seeking settlement of tribal water rights adjudications.  

Since moving to Brooklin, Maine in 2003, he has taught courses on Native American Law and Policy, Environmental Justice and Land Trusts at College of the Atlantic and Colby.  He earned his J.D. in 1974 from Yale and his A.B. in 1968 from Stanford.   During his 2015 trip to Palestine & Israel he posted a blog on water issues, which can be found at