The book is a playful investigation of the distance between sound and the words we employ to describe sound. For me this all comes from a love of music and a love of translation. All translators ask the same basic questions: can words ever bring us closer to understanding the way a “foreign” language works, or is any attempt to describe (or translate) it doomed to failure? And, if the entire enterprise is doomed to failure, why do we keep doing it? For any artist, any translator, the answer is: because we need to.

After a year of writing these reviews I wanted to hear how musicians would translate language into music, upending of the paradigm of how this is usually done. I sent reviews to bands I liked in countries I liked. To my surprise a number of musicians were really interested in the project. I even sent the reviews to video artists so they could create music videos based solely on language. The book (a hand made work of art in and of itself) comes with an accompanying cassette (and digital download) that includes ten tracks from ten different bands/musicians; each track is based on different music review. Spork Press is releasing the entire project in April 2015. Books and cassettes will be available at the reading.