Her talk is entitled, “Looking forward through the past: conservation lessons from natural experiments in extinction and climate change.”

Gill, who graduated College of the Atlantic in 2005, is a paleoecologist and biogeographer who brings the perspectives of space and time to bear on questions in ecology and global change science. Her work takes a community ecology approach to help understand how individual plant species and their assemblages have responded to interacting drivers (like climate change and extinction) through time.

She writes, “In my work, I  take an interdisciplinary approach that combines paleoenvironmental reconstructions, modern field experiments, biogeographic data analysis, and modeling of past landscapes. My goal is to help other ecologists, conservationists, and policy makers better understand how ecosystems have responded to past change, in order to make informed decisions about present and future landscapes.”

Dr. Sarah Hall, College of the Atlantic’s Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Chair in Earth Systems and GeoSciences, organized this lecture series featuring experts from around the region. In this weekly seminar, speakers explore topics ranging from long-timescale climate changes to planning for future impacts of climate change. For the full list, please click here.

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