This morning I met up with “28 in 24,” a group attempting to hike 28 peaks in 24 hours, at the top of Cadillac Mountain. The night before, I had gotten word that they were leaving at 4am and hoping to arrive at Cadillac around 8am. “But,” Darron stressed, “it could be earlier or later.” I happened to be sleeping on the other side of the island, so I woke up extra early  and made it to the top of Cadillac by 7:30 to wait.

I sat down with my phone to catch up on the EarthinBrackets crew down in Rio at the UN negotiations; as their time is coming to a close, they are writing a lot. Go catch up with them if you haven’t.

Anyway, this was my beautiful view:

Not a bad place to wait…and read the earth in brackets blogs.

And then! Around 7:45! I saw what looked like rocks moving on Dorr Mountain:

“24 in 28” group on Dorr Mountain

Can you see that? Here’s a blown up version:

There they are!!!

Around this time, I received a text from them “Be there in 15!”

Darron Collins, COA President, leading the group up Cadillac Mountain
Darron Collins, COA President, leading the group up Cadillac Mountain.

And they arrived at 8am on the dot!

Darron, Lisa, Erickson and Nick + 1: Tom St. Germain, local restaurant owner of Jack Russell’s Steakhouse & Brewery and author of the book “A Walk in the Park” (a guide of the island containing complete directions for 60 hikes!), had joined the team.

College of the Atlantic hiking on Cadillac Mountain
4 or 5 peaks down… many more to go! And the sky was looking stormy.
Student Erickson Smith ’15 checks in with his mama to let her know he’s okay!! (Actually.. I don’t know who he was calling, but the caption fits…)

The group breaks into the snack pack they had stored away at the top of Cadillac.

Yummy sandwich!

Nick Jenei was attacked by a rock.
The Group from left to right: Nick Jenei, Erickson Smith, Darron Collins, Lisa Bjerke, and Tom St. Germain.
Lisa Bjerke ’13 and Erickson Smith ’15 before heading back down the other side.

Follow along with Darron at:!/humanecologist.

Stay tuned for the next installment of photos tomorrow!

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All photos are by me, Julia De Santis.