Art by Jennifer Judd-McGee

The installation, which features paper cuttings, wood cuttings, and large cloth laser-cut flags, will be at the Blum, Saturday, July 5 through Friday, September 12, 2014, Tuesday–Saturday, 11 am-4 pm. An opening reception will be at COA’s Ethel H. Blum Gallery, Thursday, July 3 from 5:30–7:30 pm.

“With this body of work—all hand-rendered paper cuttings—I’ve been thinking about the many small elements, both natural and personal, that work together to create community, be it on this island or any place, really,” Judd-McGee said. “My paper cuttings are very delicate but are designed to be strong and lasting once they’re complete, a lot like the ecosystem of a small town. In addition to the original work, I’ve created a series of laser cut paper and sailcloth hanging banners, which will be strung throughout the gallery. These cuttings are beautiful when light shines through them, and their delicateness shows even more in this medium.”

Monday, July 28 at 5 pm, the Northeast Harbor, Maine native will discuss her work with COA trustee and art gallery owner Cody van Heerden in COA’s Thomas S. Gates, Jr. Community Center. Judd-McGee and van Heerden will explore the artist’s process, career, inspiration of the natural world, and the idea of community.

Alumna Jennifer Judd-McGeeJudd-McGee will also offer a hands-on collage and assemblage workshop for all ages using found and recycled materials. The interactive Art Lab will be Wednesday, August 15 from 4-6 pm in the Blum Gallery.

Judd-McGee’s following has steadily grown since she left the healthcare field in 2007 to focus on her art. She has shown her original work in numerous galleries across the US, in Canada and Great Britain, and was recently commissioned by the New York City Subway’s MTA Arts for Transit Program to create a poster displayed across all subway stations throughout the city. Her commercial and editorial clients have included Maine Magazine, Canadian Union of Public Employees, Target, Land of Nod, Urban Outfitters, Story Publishing, Timberland, Hallmark, CLYNK, and many others.

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